How to Fix a Mailbox Door is an article about how to repair a mailbox.

A broken mailbox door can cause a lot of problems for your mail carrier.In the above picture, you can see your mail in full view if your door is barely hanging on.The weather can cause your mail to be blown away by the wind or even wet mail.There are a couple of easy ways to fix a mailbox door.

If you have a brick encased mailbox, this is the way to go.This door is designed so that it snaps into your existing mailbox opening and is held in place from the inside with metal clips.You don't have to do anything that is destructive.If the door is still attached, you have to remove it.Just snap the replacement door into the opening of the existing mailbox and you are done.If you're not sure if this really does work, check out the reviews on Amazon.

If you want to replace the whole mailbox, you don't have to tear up your brick.Measure your door height to see if you have the standard 6.25′′ or standard 8′′.They are available in black, white or natural aluminum.

Maybe your door structure is in good shape, but it keeps falling open.Whether it is due to the wind blowing it open or it simply won't stay latched, you may need to look into replacing the latch and handle.These can be bought as replacement parts.There is a good one for $12.

It is made of aluminum and painted black.Attach it to the mailbox with a few screws and the door with some screws.It is easy to fix and solve a problem.

If you have a plastic mailbox, you may be experiencing a clasp that is malfunctioning and failing to keep the door closed.If you like your plastic mail box, you can buy a latch set for it.

We recommend replacing your mailbox at this price point.Many plastic mailboxes are available at this price.

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