How to Fix Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA in Windows 10?

Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA, the popular Microsoft edge error message, and how to get rid of it will be explained in today's post.

Sometimes when you open your favorite website in the default browser, it will show various error messages, which full reads:

There are different messages for the same errors like "Security Certificate is Not secure," "This site is not secure" or "Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA"

Someone is trying to fool you or steal your information.The site should be closed immediately.

Most of the users close the websites after reading these lines.The person who is reading this post is facing the same thing.

The worst thing about this error code is that users don't know why they are seeing it.

To help users, we decided to write this post and try our best to explain why users are seeing this mysterious error message and what are the possible solutions to get rid of it.

There are a variety of reasons why you are reading this certificate error message in the web browser.

The administrator may be to blame for the certificate error code on your favorite website.There is no problem with your side.

Different browsers have different options.It is known as Certificate error in Internet Explorer 11 if you are using it.

You can't do anything about the Certificate error if it's due to the administration end.The default browser can cause users to see an error when surfing the web.The following solution can be used to resolve the error.

The default web browser has a cache.Try to revisit the same page by closing the browser.

The address is in the address bar of the browser.Make sure theCached images and files option is selected.The cache will be cleared if you click on the Done button.

Click on the action options and choose what to clear under the Clear browsing data in Microsoft Edge.Make sure the cached data and files option is selected.You can clear the button.

If you see an error message in a different browser, then you need to clear the browser cache.

Maybe the problem is with your default browser, because the site still shows "This site is Not secure" or "Security certificate is not secure."You can try to visit the same website on a different site and see if it fixes the issue.

It is time to reset your browser to default settings if the same website is working in another browser.

Users can face this error if time is not synchronized on their computer.You can check and fix it.

You need to click on the Time in the right corner of the Taskbar.Select the adjusted date/time from the menu.

If Set time is turned on, you can check the Date and Time settings page.If you don't enable it.

When was the last time the clock was synchronized?Click on the button if it was done a long time ago.

To find Internet Options, you need to use the Windows 10 Start menu search.Click to open it when it appears in the search results.

You need to look for an option that says "warn about the certificate address mismatch" and click on it.

The majority of users said they were able to fix the issue by changing the browser.Here is how you can do that.

If you trust the website, you can ignore the warning message and visit it.I recommend not to visit the website if you have doubts about the legitimacy of the site.

It is a good idea to drop a note to the administrator of the website if you see the same certificate message back to back.The admin can resolve the issue if you explain it in the message.

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I don't know how to correct the error that I'm receiving on the page I created.My website is

Can you help me figure it out?The Tech guy at the Keller Williams office told me that there was a browser issue.I think it's more then that because it happened recently.

I appreciate sharing this issue with you.Who is the owner of this website?Do you have access to hosting cpanel?

This is happening on my website.None of the work arounds presented work for me.Can you help me out in any way?I own the domain and site and host it through yahoo.

The website you are trying to visit has a different security certificate.The error code is DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_ INVALID.

I have two domain names pointing to the same server.Only one of the domain names can be matched with the server's certificate.Updating your server certificate is a must if you recently changed domain names.

My employer blocks certain sites from being visited.I am not sure if their block could produce this error.

This isn't the reason for the issue.This happens when you visit a website.

I have tried both chrome and edge.All cookies and cache were cleared.I don't think the Facebook website will be hacked.

An hour ago both of these websites worked fine on one laptop, but not on IE.On chrome, I get a NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_ INVALID error.I get SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER in the browser.

I don't have to use another laptop to visit these websites.Disabling End point protection doesn't change anything.

The websites don't work on other laptops.All browsers show some sort of error.The laptop is what it is.But what?

It was found.The root cert was not trusted by our company.To fix it, I had to install it.

It seems like your system has something on it.Do you want to check if you find anything?

This isn't just on my device, it's happening on every device connected to my internet.

I'm trying to access a military website.I was able to access my certificates until recently.Maybe after a Windows 10 update.Is this a new security measure?I added the website to my safe menu and made sure the computer recognized my certificates.Any ideas?

I have several new computers.Some were updated from Win 7 to Win 10.The Error Code is DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA when I try to visit GOOGLE and other well established sites but only from IE.

A brand new instance of Win 10 was created.There is an error code in both Microsoft Edge and Microsoft IE that is called "DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA".

My computer is showing this problem on multiple websites, even ones that I have used for years.Either it says this or it is blocked by the network administrator.

I know that it is not a problem because my computer works normally on my friend's internet connection.

When you visit the website from the client, you can export the cert to the desktop if you want the clients to be secure.If you double click the *.cer file, you will be able to import certificates from the following store.admin rights are required for this to work.It will appear as secure when you refresh your page from that client.This can be done via Group Policy.

The error code is DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA.I think my connection issues are related to this error.I can't visit many of the less popular sites.I can force the browser to load, but I am unable to interact with anything related.Some aspects of websites won't load correctly.I can't connect to any game server through Steam.

Is there a way this can be connected?Thank you so much for the solution.It has been a problem for 8 months.

I am getting an Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA when I try to use Edge browser.The new PC's have WIN10 pro installed.Went through all the steps, but still no joy.What now?

I am the creator of the website to passion in my field, I started a Montessori consultant website, but I was unable to locate it and started to redo it.It shows DLG_FLAGS_ INVALID_CA in Microsoft edge and in chrome browser.

I need help with computer files.I don't know much about computers.If you are willing to help, please email me.Thanks!!

You are paid to give a solution for an invalide certificate.Is it possible to use another browser?Clean cache?Please, please.

The intermediate cert was missing on the client when we had the same issue at our company.