How To Get a Gay Male Friend (for Girls)

Gay men have been portrayed as supportive and amusing in popular TV shows and films.The portrayal of gay men isn't realistic and it's not a good idea to seek out friends based on superficial details.Finding people who you enjoy spending time with and building a connection with them over time is your best bet for a close, lasting friendship.If you connect with a man who is gay and form a friendship, there is nothing wrong with that, but make sure you treat them as you would anyone else, and be careful not to make assumptions about them.

Step 1: Friends should be based on how they treat you and make you feel.

Don't pursue friends based on their looks, sexual orientation, or social status.You should choose your friends based on how they treat you and how you feel around them.It's a good sign that someone is kind to you if you feel good when you see them.Accepts you for who you are and doesn't try to change you is one of the things to look for in a potential friend.There is genuine interest in you and what you have to say.Encourages and supports you.

Step 2: Look for friends who listen.

Good listening is important in a friendship.When you are talking, pay attention to how the person responds.A good friend will listen to you without telling you what to do.Don't speak to people who interrupt you frequently.They are more interested in their phone, computer, or TV than you are.Don't change the subject after you've finished talking.

Step 3: Someone who is open with you about their life is a good choice.

You cannot build a deeper connection with a friend if they are vulnerable.It may be difficult to connect with a person if they don't reveal anything about themselves.Look for people who are willing to talk to you about themselves.If the person you are trying to befriend gives short answers and doesn't seem to want to share anything personal with you after getting to know you, it may be hard to develop a bond with them.

Step 4: You shouldn't make friends with someone based on their sexual preference.

It is not a good idea to befriend a guy just because he is gay.You will likely be disappointed if you have expectations of someone based on their sexuality.Some girls seek out gay male friends because they are less likely to compete with them in the dating arena than another girl.This is not a good reason to befriend someone.Some girls seek out gay male friends because they want a male perspective on a variety of subjects.It is thought that having a gay male friend will make them appear fashionable.

Step 5: You spend a lot of time with people.

You don't have to start from scratch.If you get to know them better, you can turn into friends.If you have had some nice conversations with someone, you might want to befriend them.Don't limit yourself to gay men.Try to befriend any of your male or female acquaintances that you think will be a good friend for you.If there is another girl at work who shares your love of running, then ask if she would like to meet up for a run over the weekend.If there is a guy who is obsessed with the same show as you, you should be able to watch the season finale together.

Step 6: Do things to meet new people.

If you do things that you enjoy, you will be more likely to get along with someone.You will be more likely to meet people who share your interests if you get out and do things you enjoy.You can meet people who share your interest by volunteering at a local animal shelter or food bank.A knitting circle, acapella group, or cycling club are examples of special interest groups.While walking your dog, visiting the library, or shopping for clothes, you are interacting with people.

Step 7: Try to find friends using an app.

If you like dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, you might like friend-finding apps, such as Hey!There is a person named Vina.These are similar to dating apps, but instead of making a profile to attract potential dates, you are showcasing your qualities as a friend.If you want to meet someone who you might click with, try making an app.

Step 8: Send a message to get to know someone better.

If you want to get to know someone better, you can send a direct message on social media.This is a great option if you want to connect with an old friend, turn an online friendship into a friendship, or reach out to someone who may be a good friend match for you.If you follow someone on the photo-sharing site, you might send them a message to see if they would like to hang out.Say something like, hey!You're really into gardening.Me as well!If you have a mutual friend on Facebook, you might ask them to meet up and discuss plants over coffee.You can say, "Hey Janet!"I had a great time talking with you at Charlie's wedding.Would you like to go for a hike with me?

Step 9: To get to know someone better, ask questions.

You can speed up the friendship process by showing interest in the other person.To get to know the person, ask about their interests.Favorite TV shows, movies, books, and video games are some topics you might ask them about.There are hobbies and special interests.New experiences or recent vacations.

Step 10: Listen attentively.

It is important for you to demonstrate your ability to be a good listener whenever you are with the person.Put your phone or laptop away and face the person when they are talking.Look at them and nod to show you're listening.Making neutral statements such as "Yes," "Go on," and "I see" can be used to show that you are listening.

Step 11: How you want to be treated is up to you.

If you want to be treated well, follow the golden rule.If you want your friends to be nice to you, be kind to them.Being on time is one of the ways you can do this.Whenever you see them or talk with them, ask how they are doing.If they are struggling with something, we would be happy to help.

Step 12: They should not make assumptions about their sexual orientation.

If you are still pursuing a friendship with someone who is gay, make sure you treat them with the same respect and consideration that you would treat anyone else.They should not be made assumptions about their likes, dislikes, knowledge, or behavior based on their sexual orientation.You should be a good friend to them and treat them the same.Don't assume that a man who is gay knows all about fashion.This is not a stereotype of gay men.If you need relationship advice, don't assume that a gay male friend is more likely to give you good advice than a female friend or straight malefriend.

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