How to grow a hyacinth bulb in water with pictures is part of the guide.

You don’t have to wait for them to poke their heads out in the spring if you love the strong scent of hyacinths.It’s a good idea to bring on an early bloom with the help of hyacinths.This requires some planning.In order to bloom, the bulbs need chilling for three to four months.Growing hyacinths indoors is not difficult.

Buying prepared or pre-chilled bulbs saves you time.You have better control over the bloom time if you chill them yourself.You can choose from many different types of hyacinth.

Depending on the variety, hyacinths need to be chilled in a dark place for 12 to 14 weeks, during which they develop roots.The bulbs need a good root system.

The leaves will start growing once you move the plants to a warmer location.It will take about three more weeks for them to flower.If you chill the bulbs in November, you can expect them to bloom in the first half of March.

Pot your bulbs immediately after you purchase them.You can keep them in the refrigerator for a few days if that is not possible.Make sure to keep them away from apples and other fruit, as the ethylene gas from ripening fruit has an adverse effect on the flower in the bulb.The bulbs should be placed in a plastic bag with a damp paper towel.

Special bulb pots made of clay are ideal for potting.bulb pots are designed with top- heavy forced bulbs in mind and have a broader base and lower height than standard pots.You can usually fit three bulbs in a 6-inch diameter pot.

Place each bulb with the root side down in the soil after filling the bulb pot with potting soil.When the bulb tips stick out of the soil, add more soil.The bulbs should not be completely covered with soil.It is at least half an inch below the rim of the pot if you gently push down the soil.The soil won’t wash out when it’s watered.Water the pots thoroughly.

You should label your pots.Before moving them to their winter location, add the date of planting.

The location to chill the bulbs needs to be dark and moist.In a climate with mild winters, you can keep the bulbs in a trench, cold frame, or greenhouse.To protect them from sunlight and to insulate them against temperature fluctuations, cover them with a thick layer of mulch or a pile of dry leaves.In cold climates, you can keep the bulbs in a root cellar, basement, garage, or porch.

It’s important that you don’t let the bulbs dry out.To keep the soil moist, water them moderately.

The hyacinths can be placed in jars or glasses for chilling.The bottom of the bulb is dry and the roots reach into the water below.

A soilless way of growing hyacinths is to fill a bowl with pebbles.The bulb should be placed on top of the root.Just like with soil, fill with more pebbles until the top third of the bulb sticks out.The roots of the bulb will reach the water if enough water is poured in.If the bulb is sitting in water, it will rot.The water should be constant at that level.

It is easy to tell when a plant has a healthy root system.White roots can be found in the drain hole of a pot if you grow hyacinths in potting soil.The bulbs are ready to be moved.The pale green shoots emerging from the tips aren’t enough of a sign that the bulbs are ready.