How to grow a tree from a stem is a video on the Home Guides website.

There are green leaves and an aromatic scent in the trees.The best time to grow eucalyptus is 7 through 11.Some can grow up to 6 feet a year and others can reach 40 feet tall.They are able to adapt to a variety of soil conditions.The trees do not root easily, but they can be grown from semi-hardwood.

In the spring or early summer, remove the semi-hardwood stem tips.Wrap the stems in a moist paper towel to keep them damp.

A rooting mixture of equal amounts of coarse sand and potting soil is needed to fill a planting flat.The mixture should be wet with the soil.

Half of them should be inserted into the rooting mixture.There is a clear plastic bag.The area is warm and sunny.Water the soil to keep it moist.