How to install a mulch kit on a John Deere tractor.

When mowing your John Deere tractor, mulch kits can give you more value.Required hardware for installation is included in most mulch kits.The mulch blades chop grass clippings into smaller pieces than the standard blades, which helps the grass stay healthy.Continue reading to learn how to install mulch on your tractor.

Refer to your owner’s manual for any maintenance information on your John Deere tractor.Maintenance instructions can be different by model.These instructions may be different depending on your model number.Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Remove the mower blades to install a mulch kit on a John Deere tractor.To create space under the mower deck, use a Jungle Jack to lift the front of your mower.The deck should be raised to the highest setting.The center holding nut is on the mower blade.While removing the nut, use a gloved hand to keep the blade from turning.The nut needs to be saved for installing the blade.The mower blade is on the other side of the deck.

The old blades need to be replaced with the new blades included in the mulch kit.The mulching blade should be placed over the mounting stud on the underside of the mower deck.When spinning in a clockwise direction, make sure the cutting end of the blade faces forward.Use your gloved hand to hold the blade in place while you tighten the holding nut.The mulching blade needs to be installed on the other side of the deck.

Lift the discharge chute to install the mulch plug.The deck discharge chute opening has carriage bolt threads facing upward.To fit the mulch plug onto the mower deck lip, you have to remove the tape from the metal discharge chute.The lower left side of the mower deck has a mounting hole.The locking wing nut needs to be tightened.

You will be able to use your John Deere tractor as a mulcher.If you want to mow without mulch in the future, you will not need to change the blades.

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I never put it on because the instructions said to drill holes in the mower deck.There is a hole in the instruction.I have a D170 54′′ deck.Is the directions different for this deck?

The D170 with a 54 inch deck has a metal mulch kit, and requires a baffle to go along the front of the mower deck to keep grass up to mulch.The instructions for drilling are related to the baffles.Attach the front of your mower deck with the holes in the baffle.

I have a john deere x540.If I fit a mulch kit, can I switch from mulch to side discharge?Paul, wait for your response.

TheMulch On Demand Kit is only available for 3 years old or younger.You can’t switch from mulch to side discharge because your mower is 10 years old.The mulch kit will fit the X540.It is BM21772.

I bought an X320 10 years ago and it had a mulch kit installed.You can’t go to normal mowing without removing the entire mulch kit.The newer kits are not the same as the old model.Do the newer kits allow you to remove the side discharge plug?

You can switch between mowing and mulch by throwing a lever or pushing a button with the new kits.

I got a mulching kit after picking up an E170.There is no place to put the rear hook.Please tell me what to do.

There is an image on the box of the cover that shows where the hooks are, one on each side.We will email you the email.Let us know if you have more questions.

I’m Hi.I bought a kit for my mower.Installation instructions did not come with it.Is it possible to get them on-line?Thanks in advance for any help!