How To Install PowerToys on Windows 10

There is a program called PowerToys that adds features to Windows 10.There are more window snapping options, Spotlight-like search, and keyboard button remapping.You can learn how to install Microsoft PowerToys on Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the website.

PowerToys is licensed under the MIT license and can be found at this link.

Step 2: Click on the notes you want to download.

You can download PowerToys from this page.

Step 3: The file is called the.msi.

This will take you to the PowerToys website.

Step 4: The file needs to be run.

The installation of PowerToys will begin here.

Step 5: Click on that.

Step 6: Accept the terms of the license agreement.

If you license your changes under the MIT license, you can modify and share PowerToys.Click on that.

Step 7: To confirm that PowerToys is installing, look in the correct directory.

Click on Next.

Step 8: Click on it.

PowerToys will be installed on your PC.

Step 9: Click on it to finish.

You can gain access to a few experimental Windows 10 features after you run PowerToys.

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