How To Involve a Pet in Christmas

Many people consider their pets to be part of the family, so when it comes to Christmas festivities you might want to include your pet as well.There are simple ways to include animals in the holiday cheer.You can include your pet in the Christmas celebration by making ornaments, gifts, and decorations.

Step 1: You can make an ornament with their picture on it.

Take a photo of your pet, then find a small frame with a hook, and hang it on the tree.During the holiday season, craft stores may have small decorations that you can glue to the frame, such as foam stickers.

Step 2: If you can, include them in your family's Christmas card.

A member of your family can hold the animal or stand next to someone in the picture.This will show that they are part of the family.Dressing your pet up can be fun.A santa hat or mittens is a good accessory for your dog or cat.If you can't keep your pet still for the photo, take it while they are laying down.

Step 3: Cut out pictures of your pet.

There are Christmas-themed stickers on the edges.Adding stars and swirls to the Collage can make it usable for other times of the year as well.Next to other Christmas decorations, place this.

Step 4: Make your pet more festive by decorating them.

You could put a red ribbon around your fish tank and have your dog wear a Christmas collar.These can be found in a craft supply shop or a pet store.Hanging stockings with their name on them is a nice addition.You can make your own collar if you want to.

Step 5: You can give your pet a gift.

While everyone is opening presents, give your pet a gift such as a bone for a dog or a toy.Sometimes a dog unwraps a gift of their own.If you're going to gift your pet a gift, make sure it's not something that will cut their mouth or make them swallow.It's possible to use tissue paper as a safe alternative.Put a bow on the gift before giving it to your pet.

Step 6: Provide your pet with a treat.

You can either buy them from a store or make them yourself.Be aware of any allergies your pet may have when giving them treats, and try to not give them human food.

Step 7: The holidays are a good time to play with your animal.

If you live in a snowy area, take your dog outside to play in the snow.It's a good chance to get some exercise for you and your dog.Go for a hike or run.It's important to wear appropriate cold weather clothes.If it's too cold, just spend a little time with your pet inside on Christmas giving it special attention, even if it is just a belly rub.

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