How To Knit a Doll

Make your own knit doll if you want to start making toys.Pick 2 colors of yarn to make a tall doll.Use 1 to knit the legs and body and the other to make the head.The arms should be in the head or body color.Stuff the doll before sewing it together.

Step 1: Cast on 10 stitches and leave a yarn tail of at least 30 cm.

If you want the doll's legs and torso to be a certain color, you need to get a skein of yarn.Make a slip knot and cast 10 stitches.You should leave a tail of yarn 30 cm long to sew the doll's body.Most worsted weight skeins are around 7 ounces.You can use smaller balls of yarn if you don't need the whole skein.

Step 2: Every stitch is knitted in 10 rows.

If you want to make a stitch for the first leg, knit each stitch and make 10 rows.Don't cast off the stitches when you reach the end of the 10th row.Cut the yarn and leave a 12 inch (30 cm) tail.alternate rows of knitting and purling would be better for you.If you want to do this, knit every stitch of row 1 and purl the next one.Knit every stitch of row 3.

Step 3: Keep the first leg on the needle.

Push the small patch you knitted for the first leg down on the needle.Then cast on another 10 stitches.You'll keep the legs on the same needle as you knit them.

Step 4: On the second leg, knit every stitch for 10 rows.

The second leg should be the same as the first leg.You should alternate knitting and purling rows if you did a stockinette stitch.After the beginning of the second leg, don't cut the yarn.You have to use the yarn to join the legs.

Step 5: If you want to knit across the row, slide the 2 leg pieces together.

Put the first leg back up the needle so it's next to the second leg.You will see 20 stitches on your needle.Each stitch is knitted across the row.The start of the body will be joined to the 2 legs by knitting straight across the row.

Step 6: To make the body, Knit 16 rows.

For each row, knit every single stitch.The main body of the doll will be created with 20 stitches.Cut the yarn to make a 12 inch (30 cm) tail after you've finished the last row.

Step 7: If you want to switch to a different color, do it.

Get out the other skein of yarn you want to use for the doll's head.When you start working on the base of the head, use this color.Since you will only be using this yarn for the head, you'll need less of the other type of yarn.

Step 8: Stockinette.

For the first and second rows, knit every stitch and purl everystitch.You can make a total of 10 rows in the pattern by alternating knitting and purling rows.

Step 9: Leave a 12 inch (30 cm) tail after cutting the yarn.

Before cutting the yarn, don't bind the stitches.Cut the yarn to leave the long tail and then thread it through a large-eyed needle.

Step 10: The stitches should be removed through the large-eyed needle.

Since you've finished the head, you need to remove it from the knitting needle.Bring the large-eyed needle through the stitches.Pull the knitting needle out of the stitches.You will need a long tail to pull the stitches together.

Step 11: To sew a running stitch, thread a large-eyed needle with the leg tail.

Take the yarn tail from the first leg and thread it onto the large-eyed needle.The running stitch can be made by sewing a dashed line along the bottom of the first leg.When you reach the end of the first leg, secure the stitches with a lockstitch.To create a loop, make a backstitch.Pull the yarn through the loop to make a knot.After you've tied the knot, don't cut the yarn tail.

Step 12: The leg should be folded over to sew the inseam.

The inseam of the first leg should be sewed together with the large-eyed needle.Tie off the yarn when you reach the crotch.Don't cut the yarn, but weave it in.Don't weave this yarn tail in for the other leg.

Step 13: Put the back of the body together.

The yarn tail that was left from sewing the second leg can be used to sew up the back of the doll's body.You should have more than 25 cm left on the tail.Cut the tail short when you reach the top of the body where the main color stops.When you sewed the main part of the body, you left another tail.

Step 14: The head yarn tail can be used to sew the back of the head.

The base of the neck is where the yarn tail meets the body.If you want to sew the back of the head together, thread this yarn onto a large-eyed needle.When you reach the top of the head, tie a knot in the yarn and weave it into the tail.

Step 15: Pull the body yarn tail out of the doll if you flip it so the right side is facing out.

The body of the doll should have the knots and woven ends inside.Pull the yarn tail out of the doll by threading it through the body onto a large-eyed needle.The long tail will be used to shape the doll's head.

Step 16: Put the doll's legs, body, and head in a container.

You can fit as much fiberfill as you want into the doll's legs and body.Continue to put things in the doll's head.The doll will flatten if you use wool.The doll's shape will be helped by the fiberfill.

Step 17: The yarn tail should be at the top of the doll's head.

You slip the yarn tail through the stitches near the top of the doll's head.Pull on the tail tightly and the stitches will form a circle near the crown of the head.Cut the yarn close to the top of the head.If you see wrinkling at the top of the head, you should put more fiberfill on it.You can close the hole if there's still a tiny one.

Step 18: To sew a running stitch around the neck, use the body yarn tail.

Use a large-eyed needle to thread the body yarn tail through the stitches.To make a distinctive head, make these running stitches where the body color meets the head color.

Step 19: To make the head, pull the yarn tail and tie it off.

Pull the yarn tail firmly once you've made a running stitch around the neck.There is a circular head form on top of the doll.Cut the yarn close to the doll.

Step 20: Cast on 8 stitches and leave a 12 inch (30 cm) yarn tail.

If you want to use the color of yarn you used for the main body, you have to cast on 8 stitches.Leave a long tail.

Step 21: The Garter Stitch is a type of stitch.

You need to knit every stitch in the row.Continue until you've made 12.The stockinette stitch can be made by alternating knit rows with purl rows.

Step 22: Go through the stitches with a large-eyed needle.

Attach the long yarn tail to the large-eyed needle.The stitches move from right to left with the needle.Bring the large-eyed needle through the stitches by removing each stitch from the knitting needle.You will need to tighten the arm stitches before you do this.

Step 23: Tie off the yarn after pulling it.

The ends of the arm should be brought together by pulling the yarn tail tightly.Don't cut the yarn because you'll need it to sew the arm's inseam if you tie a knot at the end.

Step 24: Tie off the yarn by sewing the inseam.

Bring the 2 long sides of the arm together by threading the yarn tail through a large-eyed needle.Tie a knot near the top of the arm and use the yarn to sew the inseam.You can cut the yarn tail and weave it in the end.The arm tail is still at the top of the arm.This is required to attach the doll's body.

Step 25: Attach the arm to the doll.

Put the arm with the fiberfill below the neck.The arm should be on the side of the body.Stitch the arm to the body with the yarn tail attached to it.You can sew the arm to the other side of the doll.

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