How To Make a Kachina Doll

The Hopi Indians of the southwestern US make traditional, hand-carved wooden dolls.If you combine the two, you can call them "katsintihu" or "kachina doll".The kachina doll is a representation of a deity or natural element.The chief, corn maiden, ceremonial dancer, singer, ogre, buffalo, badger, and the sun are some of the Hopi spirits represented in kachina dolls.The kachina doll can be designed to represent anything you'd like.Pieces of wood, paint, fabric, felt, feathers, beads, and other items can be used to make it.

Step 1: They should go about a third of the way up the toilet paper tube.

Step 2: You can cut a "T" shape on each side of the roll if you make two short cuts at the ends of each slit.

Step 3: The doll's legs will be Curve each of the two flaps just made into small cylinders.

Make sure the edges meet.Use tape to secure the cylinder.

Step 4: Attach a Styrofoam ball or ping-pong ball to the top of the tube with hot glue.

Modelling clay or a small box can be used for the head.

Step 5: If the ball is too small for the tube, make a series of cuts along the top of the cardboard tube.

The flaps should be folded into the tube.Attach the ball to the flaps.Allow the glue to set.

Step 6: Determine the theme of your doll so that you can decorate and dress it properly.

Let the head dry before painting it.Use markers or paint to draw in the facial features.Glue on yarn or felt scraps to make hair.

Step 7: The body and legs should be covered with pieces of construction paper, felt and fabric.

Glue them to the doll, hot glue works well with felt and fabric.

Step 8: Glue on feathers, beads, buttons, shells, ribbons, or other decorative objects to decorate the figure.

Step 9: Make a base out of thick cardboard for your doll.

Step 10: You can use the doll's theme to design a base.

If your doll represents water or the sun, you can design a base that looks like a pool of water.

Step 11: Attach the kachina doll to its base with hot glue.

Paint, paper, beads, and anything else that fits the theme of your kachina doll will decorate the base.

Step 12: You just made your own doll.

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