How to make a pack and play more comfortable

Many babies find the original mattress pad uncomfortable, even though they are perfectly fine with the mattress that comes with your pack n play.Pack n plays are sold with a mattress pad that is safe but feels a tad thin and hard.How can you make your pack more comfortable?

Some important factors to consider are your baby’s age, the model and size of your pack n play, as well as keeping it safe for sleep.

The most common question is how to make your pack play more comfortable.

Pack n plays are designed for safety first, comfort second and third.Adults and babies are not the same.

We like our fancy pillow top mattresses.Babies will sleep anywhere, given the right conditions.Car seats, bassinets, your arms, and sometimes even the floor will make a great bed for a baby if he is tired enough.

We expect more from a pack n play.We want our kids to like sleeping in it.We blame the level of comfort when they don’t sleep.

Pack n plays are comfortable as they come.There are different ways to make your portable crib more comfortable.

Pack n plays can be used when the family is away.It’s possible that your baby isn’t used to all of the comforts at home.Babies have trouble falling asleep in a playard because of brightness.

If you have curtains or blinds in your baby room at home, it will be nice and dark to sleep in.You can’t always control the room’s brightness when you’re not at home.

To make sure you can bring the darkness with you no matter where you are, manufacturers like the Slumber Pod have come up with amazing darkening tents.

The most expensive option is the Slumber Pod, which is my favorite one.If you are on a budget, I have a list of alternatives to make your pack darker for sleep.

Whether you are an adult or a baby, a stuffy room is bad.I like to have a small portable fan with me that I can place next to the play area or inside the Slumber Pod.

Keeping the air moving will help create better sleep conditions.

Do not hang mobiles or toys from the playard.The area should be kept free of distraction and dangers for your baby.

It’s not a good idea to use toys for sleep.Keeping the sleeping area clear will make it more comfortable and safe.

You should consider changing the mattress if you can’t get your baby to sleep in the pack.

You should be very careful when choosing a third party mattress.There are some things to look for in a replacement pack n play mattress.

Determine if the mattress you are buying is appropriate for your child.Babies shouldn’t sleep in plush surfaces.

Ensure that you have a mattress that is certified by the north american standard for infant sleep.

The pack n play sizes are not standardized.This means that you have to be very careful when choosing a mattress.