How To Make a YouTube Poop

A poop is a popular Internet video category that involves the re-enactment of several clips that add additional scenes, dialog, or imagery to increase the humor of the video.Some people consider pornography on the internet to be an art form or a source of comedy.For others, it's complete audio and visual nonsense.It can be done with a bit of practice, but it will take a lot of effort to become a good pooper.You can learn how to make YouTube poop.

Step 1: Know what is on the internet.

A type of YouTube video that features randomly edited video clips from cartoons, kids shows, commercials, meme, TV shows and viral videos is called YouTube Poop.The way in which the videos are edited is what makes a video on YouTube Poop.Sometimes there is a plan to tell a joke or make fun of the source material.Sometimes it may be random and nonsensical.Check out some of the most recent YouTube poop videos if you want to get an idea of what the site is all about.

Step 2: Understand the different types of poopism.

The way these videos are edited is called poopism.They may contain random chopping, extremely loud audio manipulation, sentence mixing/word splicing, visual jokes, colorful and eye-catching visual effects, and other things all put together to make a video interesting, funny, confusing, or even intentionally annoying.This form of editing takes a short clip of a video and repeats it over and over again.The purpose is to either place emphases on a phrase or take it out of context.Audio or visual effects can be applied to each instance.Sometimes the visuals can be removed or replaced with a different visual.Random words are taken from a character and placed in a different order to create a new sentence.Taking a video clip and making it move across the screen or zoom in is what this involves.A single frame of video is paused and held for an extended period of time.The purpose is to emphasize a character's expression.Random visual effects are added to videos to make them look different.There are many popular effects, including swirl, wave, spherize, flashing lights and colors.Random sound effects and visual effects are also used.There are external sound effects that can be used.Audio effects can be applied to the audio of a video.pitch shifting the audio to make it higher or lower is one of the most popular audio effects.The text is in a video.It appears for a split second.It could be a joke, commentary, or random nonsense.The voice of one character is replaced with that of another character.In this type of editing, the visuals of a video are edited to match a different set of audio, such as making it appear as though a character is singing.The genre of YouTube poop tends to be longer.They might have a storyline or sense of continuity."The King Gets A Car" and "Morshu gets a car" are examples.The videos are called YTPMV's.The video clips and editing techniques used in other Poop videos are the same, but the visuals and audios are edited so they fit a song.The music can be a song from a video game, a popular song, or an original composition.

Step 3: Obtain video editing software.

You don't need fancy things.You can use a video editor for free.You can get professional software if you want it.

Step 4: You can choose the source video that you want to modify.

A source video is a video from another source.Films, TV shows, online videos, video games, advertisements, and music videos are some of the things it is possible to make a poop from.Video game cut-scenes and obscure cartoons from the 1990s are some of the targets.Video can be used as a source.You can make a video with no source video at all.

Step 5: Get the videos you want to use.

You need to download the video files to your computer in order to use your video editing software.The easiest way to get video clips is to use a screen recorder to capture the videos while they are playing on a streaming service.Both Windows and Mac have built in screen recorders.There are a variety of websites that allow you to download YouTube videos.You don't need to record an entire show.It's just a matter of capturing the parts you want to use.It's better to have more of a video than less.

Step 6: The videos should be imported into your video editor.

Video editors can import a variety of video clips into a library you can use to sequence them.Clicking the menu will show you the option to import videos into your video editor.Click, or something similar.

Step 7: The video clips should be in the video sequencer.

The video sequencer is at the bottom of most video editing software.If you want the videos to appear in chronological order, drag them into the video sequencer.Images and sound clips can also be used.

Step 8: The video clips should be split or trimmed.

Most of the time, your source videos contain more video than you need.If you only want to use a single word or phrase from the video, you'll need to cut it down.The slice/cut/razor tool is often found in video editing software.Before and after the section you want to use, use the cut, tool to cut the video.The sections you don't want to use are deleted.You don't have to split the video clip if you drag the left and right edges of it.A video clip can be cut and pasted multiple times into a video.

Step 9: Effects can be applied to your video clips.

Basic effects that come with most free video software can be used for most YouTube poop edits.You can apply different effects to your video and audio.Try different effects and see what you can come up with.The weirder it is, the better.You need to separate the audio from the video.A free program called Audacity can be used to extract audio from a video.Audio effects can be applied in Audacity.

Step 10: From the beginning to the end, watch the edited video.

All of the pieces are edited together.You need to make sure the video plays smoothly and has no mistakes.You can change jokes or elements during this step.If you can, try to go through a frame-by-frame and look for errors.

Step 11: The video should be rendered in a standard format.

The standard formats are mp4 and wav.You can save the project for later use.Most video editors have an option to render the video.

Step 12: You should make a thumbnail for your video.

There will be a thumbnail added to your video.A still frame is from your video.You can use an image editing software to create a custom thumbnail.You can use the still frame from your video as a thumbnail in most video editors.

Step 13: The video should be uploaded to YouTube.

When your video is uploaded, you will be able to choose a name and thumbnail."YTP - [Video title]" is a common naming scheme.A lot of newer videos on the internet have "YouTube Poop/YTP" removed from the title in order to make them shorter.It is harder to find and may attract "trolls".