How to Make Paper Mache with Liquid Starch, Part 1

Most papier-mache recipes call for all-purpose flour, but you can also make it using corn starch.A mixture of water, sugar, vinegar, and corn starch will make a paste that is similar to a flour-based paste.You can save any leftover paste in a jar with a tight lid and use it for future projects, unlike flour-based paste.

To keep the paste from sticking, cover your work surface with a newspaper or a plastic tablecloth.

Bring the water, sugar and vinegar to a boil in a medium pot.Once boiling, add the corn starch mixture slowly.When the paste has a smooth consistency, stir constantly with a wooden spoon.

Cool off from the heat.As soon as it’s cool enough to touch, you can start using the paste.

The base is the first thing you need to hold your project’s shape.A balloon is a good base for a mask.You can use cardboard or chicken wire to build a base for an object you want to make.Wrap the surface with plastic to make it non-porous.

Next, dip strips of newspaper into the paste and apply them to the base.Before applying the next layer, let each layer dry completely.Continue this process until you have done at least three to four layers to create a solid foundation.