How To Play First Base in Fast Pitch Softball

This guide will give you everything you need to know to play first base in a fast pitch softball league, even if you're just looking for a new position or brushing up on tips.It's a great position to play.

Step 1: You can get a first base glove or a regular infield glove.

It would be great if it was already broken in.

Step 2: Depending on how fast you can get back to the base, stand about 4-5 steps in front.

You should be around two feet from the baseline.

Step 3: Stand in your position, knees bent and glove out in front of you, when the batter is in the box.

Step 4: If the ball isn't coming to you after every hit, run to the base and put your stronger foot on the white bag and reach towards the player.

That's one out if you catch it.Don't put the foot on the bag.You will be able to reach further and get a good first baseman stretch.

Step 5: If a batter is on base, run back to the base and look at the catcher to make a throw.

You can return to your position once the ball is in the pitcher's hand.

Step 6: It's a good idea to watch out for bunts.

You have to run to get the ball.If you get it, throw it to the other side of the field.The third baseman or pitcher should duck if they get it.

Step 7: Take charge of the flies.

If you know you can get the ball, yell "I got it"Loud and often.The second baseman needs to back off.Back them up if your second baseman yells "got it".That shouldn't happen if nobody says anything.

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