How to Remove Painful Cactus Needles from the Skin is one of the ways to remove them.

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If you get pierced by a cactus plant, you can ruin an otherwise pleasant day.There are many different ways to remove cactus needles from your skin, hair, and clothes, which will cut down on the amount of pain you will experience.

If you have needles in your mouth or face, get emergency medical care.Immediate medical attention is required for any needle injury to your face or neck.Don't try to remove the needles yourself.Go to an emergency room.

Pull the ends out with a pair of tweezers.Put on protective gardening gloves and rub a pair of pantyhose against the affected area to pull out the thin, hairlike cactus needles.If you have stubborn cactus hairs, apply a large amount of rubber cement to the area.Pull the cement up slowly, using the needles to pull it up.Continue reading to learn how to remove cactus needles from your hair and clothing.Did the summary help you?

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