How to remove red dye stains from clothes is explained in this eHow.

Whether you find that all your white underwear is now pink, or that your favorite striped sweater no longer has crisp lines, dye bleeding is always a problem.If you take quick action, the offending dye can usually be removed.Don’t use the print fabrics for dye-bleeding on silk, leather, or wool.

Sort and wash all new clothes in cold water to avoid dye stain problems.Carefully wash delicates by hand.It takes several washes before unstable dyes wash out.

If the dye stain isn’t removed by using one of the following techniques, you may want to consider buying a commercial color-run remover.You can use a color catcher sheet to wash the item.

Rub a cotton swab across an inside seam or hem if you plan to wash a dry- clean only item.There will be dye stain problems if there is color on the cotton swab.

Oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach are completely different products.Chlorine bleach can damage fabrics and remove desired colors.If you want the best results, use a powdered formula of oxygen-based bleach instead of a liquid.Don’t dry items with color bleeding in a hot dryer or the process will set the color.

Pull the bleeding culprit out of the washer.It’s a good idea to wash it with similar colors.Carefully check each piece of laundry for stains.Pieces without signs of color can be put into the dryer or clothesline.

The item that bled color is out of the wash load.In addition to your regular laundry detergent, use an oxygen bleach to wash the stained clothes.

Oxygen bleach can be used in front-load washers as well as standard washers.If your water is very cold, it’s best to keep the powder in a quart of very warm water.