How to reuse plug in air fresheners using essential oils.

There are scented oil refill containers.Bottles can be purchased individually or in multi-packs.Save money and reuse the containers after the initial scent is gone.The base and fragrance oil mix is the proper oil to refill the containers with.It is difficult to remove the scented oil container lid.To create an individualized scent, mix several fragrances together.

The empty container has a scented oil refill.Under the lip of the lid, place the flat edge screwdriver.Remove the lid from the container.

The used wicks should be removed from the lid.The cotton swabs should be placed through the hole in the lid and flushed with the top edge.

The cotton swabs should be put into the empty bottle.There is a distance between the bottle and the lid.The bottom of the cotton swab should be on the bottle when the lid is closed.To get a proper fit, 1/6 to 1/3-inch should be cut from the bottom of the cotton swab.