How to run a 3 phase motor on a single phase power supply.

The number of electrical motors is increasing.Diesel is a much more expensive example of electrical energy.We use a three-phase power supply for our agriculture line.12 hours of free power supply is offered by the government in India.

The power supply was cut off by the electricity board after 12 hours.12 hours isn’t enough to pour the water into our agriculture land.

We need to run the same motor on both phases.We are going to learn how to run the three-phase motor on single phase.Let’s start.

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It is possible to do this action by installing static phase converters.There is a startup device for three-phase motor on single-Phase power.Three-phase power is not produced continuously by the static phase converter.

A phase shift through aCapacitor allows the voltage to be displaced in time from its parent voltage.The result is not the same as the 2 single-phase lines.The motor will operate if there is enough electrical current.

When the three-phase motor starts, the static phase conversion circuitry stops working.The motor continuously runs on single phase with two winding receiving active power, so that the net output of the motor will be reduced typically 1/3rd of its rated capacity.

If you plan to operate a 5 HP three-phase motor in single phase, the total output power will be reduced to 3.3 HP.The motor’s winding takes high current if you push further loads on the same motor.You can choose a motor with a higher range to avoid this.

Which takes high starting current is the property of the motor.We need a high rating ofCapacitor so that we can start the motor quickly.Two number of Capacitors are used in a static phase conversion.There are two startCapacitors and one runningCapacitor.

The start and running capacitor are required to start the motor.The most efficient machine is one that equalizes the currents as measured in the three phases.

The startCapacitor should be at least 4 to 5 times larger than the runningCapacitor to match the high starting current.