How To Visit Antarctica on a Budget

Boat travel is the most budget-friendly option when it comes to visiting Antarctica.Some people book their cruises online prior to their trip, while others take the gamble of arriving in Ushuaia and finding a cheap deal.If you plan your trip well and find a cheap cruise option, you will be able to visit Antarctica without breaking the bank.

Step 1: You can apply for a passport.

You need a valid passport to travel outside of the country.If you want your picture taken, visit a passport agency and fill out the required documents.It can take up to 6 weeks to receive a passport.Proof of your identity and citizenship are required when applying for a passport.You can get your passport renewed by mail.

Step 2: Purchase travel insurance.

Emergency evacuate and medical fees will be covered by an insurance plan.Due to the remote conditions of Antarctica, cruise companies will require you to have emergency evacuate coverage.You can buy this kind of insurance through travel agencies.You can get a discount on travel insurance when you book a trip through a cruise agency.Travel insurance can be used to cover lost or stolen items and delayed trips.Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered by travel insurance.Pick an insurance package that fits your needs by talking to a travel agent.

Step 3: The best deals happen in November.

Between October and March is the best time to plan your vacation.Due to the harsh weather conditions in the winter, this is the only time that general tourists can visit.If you plan your trip early in the season, you can see penguins building their nest.Early in the season, your ability to go to the shore may be limited.Sea lion pups, penguins, and other birds can be seen during the middle of the season.You can see the whales at the end of the season.

Step 4: You can subscribe to tour agent mailing lists.

When they need to fill spots on their boats, some cruise agencies will offer promotions or discounts.You will need to act fast because most of the discounts are short lived.The majority of these deals are offered within a week to a month before the boat leaves.

Step 5: There are discounts on cruise agency websites.

Sometimes good deals can be found on a tour agency's website.When a certain agency is offering deals on their trips, you can set up Facebook to send you notifications.It's always a good idea to be aware of false advertisements.If you receive an email offer, make sure the email address matches the actual cruise agency.It's a good idea to never provide personal information through an email offer.Call the agency to confirm that the offer is valid if you like it.You could save money by booking a cruise way in advance, as the largest discounts are for trips that are leaving soon.It might be worthwhile to just settle for a small discount if you would rather have a set in stone departure date.

Step 6: A flexible schedule is important.

You will need to head to Ushuaia within a short amount of time if you are lucky enough to find one of the major discounts.If you build up your vacation time prior to the trip, you can use it when you need it.If you want to reduce the number of work days you have to take, try to find a discount over a holiday.

Step 7: You can book your cruise in Ushuaia.

You can get to Ushuaia if you first travel to Buenos Aires.You can either take a bus or plane to get to Ushuaia.On a daily basis, there are many cruise agencies located in Ushuaia.It's possible to find a discounted rate on a boat that needs to fill seats with so many boats departing.This method can save you a lot of money on your cruise ticket.

Step 8: Ask around for the lowest prices.

You will want to gather as much price information as possible in Ushuaia.Take a look at the lowest rates the cruise agencies have to offer.If you are interested in booking a cruise, many agencies will match or lower the rates of their competitors.You should add a few days to your vacation in order to find the best deal.You will be able to compare more options if you give yourself some extra time.

Step 9: There are promotions and special offers.

You can get a last minute discount when boats have open spots that need to be filled.If there are any special offers for the day, check in with the agencies frequently.Depending on the agency, a last-minute deal can save you a lot of money.

Step 10: The details of each package should be compared.

How many people are on each ship, how many days the cruise is, and how often you get to go on land are some of the questions you will want to ask.Some cruises only take you to the islands.Depending on how much of the ice has melted, you may not be able to reach the continent early in the year.

Step 11: You can reduce the cost by choosing a smaller boat.

The bigger ships will cost you more.When you go on a smaller ship, you will be able to spend more time on land because there are only 100 people allowed on shore at the same time.If you are prone to seasickness, smaller ships are not recommended.

Step 12: It is possible to book a flight online.

The port city of Ushuaia will require you to fly to Buenos Aires.Booking two ways will help reduce your flight costs.For the best deals on flights, research online.Booking in advance can help you cut costs.You can save money by booking your flight on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.You can find a flight that leaves between 5 and 7 a.m.The flights are usually cheaper during these hours.

Step 13: You can take a bus to Ushuaia.

You can take a bus to Ushuaia with a quick stop in Rio Gallegos, which is cheaper than flying.It is best to take a plane if you have a time constraint.Taking the bus may be enjoyable if you want to see the countryside.

Step 14: Staying in a shared hostel room can help cut costs.

While you wait for your cruise to leave, hostels are your cheapest lodging option.Private rooms and shared quarters can be found at hostels.You will want to rent a quarter space during your stay.If you want to cut down on food costs, some hostels will offer free breakfast.Depending on how many days you plan on staying, some hostels may give you a discount.

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