How to wash microfiber pillows?

A man-made fabric is microfiber.It is light and resistant to wear and tear.It’s a common choice for upholstery.Microfiber cushions are the exception when it comes to cleaning in a washing machine.

It is safe to wash the fabric in the clothes washer if the microfiber cushion can be removed.Put the cover in the washer with a load of laundry and the usual amount of detergent.

Follow the instructions on the care label if the cushion is inseparable from the cover.The risk of the foam breaking up in the machine is why a foam cushion needs to be washed by hand.If you want to do this in a large sink or bathtub, use mild detergent and warm water.Only on the gentle cycle is it safe to use a cushion in a washing machine.Make sure the cushion is dry on the machine’s air cycle or outdoors on a warm day, and flip it over every hour or so.

The number one rule if you want to clean a cushion with a stain is to not rub it.If you have to use rubbing alcohol or vodka, try to do it with a clean rag or towel first.It can take several tries, so be sure to let it dry in between.Try to remove stains as soon as possible.

It’s a problem if you wash a microfiber cushion too much.If you find yourself needing to clean the microfiber cushions frequently, you should call a professional cleaning company.