How to watch Project Runway Season 18 Online Abroads 18 - ProjectRunway is a TV show.

The 18th season of Project Runway began.Sixteen designers are vying to become the next great American designer.Supermodel Karlie Kloss and former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth are returning as judges.The "Siriano save" will be used for the first time if the eliminated designer disagrees with the judge's verdict.Beginning in Season 12 and continuing for the rest of his time with the show, a "save" was also used by Tim Gunn.[3]

The judges had a hard time deciding who should have left the show.

Dayoung withdrew from the competition due to health issues, sparing Marquise from elimination.

The judges felt that everyone did a good job and no one was eliminated.The double elimination round was revealed because of the non-elimination.

With luggage still in tow, the designers are greeted at the TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport ready to take flight with their first challenge: to create an innovative look inspired by humanity's continued push into space exploration.The designers have to work together to make a jumpsuit and cocktail look that impress the judges.

There is a need for designers to create a fresh take on animal prints.Taking inspiration from the movie Cats, the designers must tame their prints to create cool street-style looks that compete on the runway and in the flash sale challenge.

The designers are awakened by a surprise visitor and are challenged to show their holiday spirit in a party dress.They have two days to create the look using unconventional materials.

Karlie Kloss, her client, is being dressed by the designers.This one-day challenge requires designers to use donated clothing from a Goodwill store.

The team challenge was inspired by singer Cyndi Lauper.The designers must create cohesive mini-collections paying homage to Lauper's 1980s fashion style while still giving the looks a modern take, but Christian throws out a mid-challenge twist that changes everything.

The designers are given a chance to think about their family history and channel those stories and emotions into a look of their choosing.The stakes are high in this challenge.

The designers are challenged to work with Longshore.Designers who use her pop art prints for their garments must create bold looks that celebrate these one-of-a-kind prints.

The designers have to use sexy, sheer fabrics to create editorial looks.

Da Young Kim withdrew for health reasons.The designer who was most recently eliminated returned to the competition.

The designers have to find a way to take the tuxedo into the future with a mix of male, female and non-binary models.A perfectly tailored suit is nearly impossible without help, so the designers get a surprise second set of hands to help out.

Tie dye is back in a big way, and designers will need to create their own textiles to elevate the trend from casual to couture.It's an overnight challenge that may feel more like a trick to the designers.

The designers are working with athletes who will be competing in the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympian games.The designers need to make them their dream outfit for a victory night celebration, using all of their specialty skills to create the perfect proportions for their client's unique bodies, all while keeping their own point of view during a tough client challenge.

With only one challenge left to make it to New York Fashion Week, the remaining designers must think big to create an avant-garde look that is anything but ordinary.At New York City's dramatic Vessel, the runway begins with a season long retrospective, outside and 16 stories high.In this challenge, two will be out because the stakes are as high as the runway.

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