How To Wear a Brooch

It can seem like a difficult accessory if you're not familiar with it.Brooches have a pin that you can use to attach them to the fabric.Even though brooches aren't as common as they used to be, they are still a great way to add flair and personality to almost any outfit.Even if you don't wear it on your clothes, you can still use it in other ways.

Step 1: For a classic look, pin your brooch to the breast of a blouse.

Adding a brooch to your blouse will make you look better.Push the brooch out through the other side if you pass it into the fabric.When a brooch is pinned between your breast and collarbone, it looks neatest.If you put too much fabric on your shirt, it will look puckered or bunched up.A simple brooch on a solid-colored shirt is a great way to ease into this trend.If you're wearing the brooch in the office, try putting on a white button-down and a thin cable-knit sweater.Put the brooch on the outside of the sweater and tie the outfit together with a simple black skirt with black tights or a black pair of pants.

Step 2: The collar of a shirt should be emphasized with a brooch.

A brooch can be used to dress up a shirt with a stiff collar.You can either place a single brooch on one side of the collar or use 2 identical brooches on the other side for a symmetrical look.For a unique look, try clustering several brooches along one side of your collar.In the springtime, a collection of flower-shaped brooches would look great on the collar of a button-down.The brooch can be found just below the points of your collar on your shirt.If you want to make a Western shirt softer, try wearing brooches with a pearl design.

Step 3: A brooch adds sparkle to a dress.

A brooch can add visual interest and a unique touch to a dress.You can experiment with different locations for the brooch.Place the brooch at your waist if your dress hasruched detailing.If the dress is made of delicate fabric, wearing a brooch could leave a small hole in the material.If that is the case, wear a brooch on a jacket instead.

Step 4: You can mix style and comfort by pinning your brooch to a sweater.

There is nothing more comfortable in the cold weather than wearing a soft sweater.You can dress up your sweater with a little sparkle by pinning it on a brooch.Adding on some skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a scarf will make your outfit more stylish.

Step 5: A brooch is a great way to add personality to a jacket or blazer.

It can be hard to keep up with your personal style if you wear a suit to work.Adding a brooch will make you stand out.Just above the widest part of your chest is where you should place the brooch.You can wear a brooch on a coat.This will make the brooch pop if the rest of your outfit is simple.A brooch shaped like an animal, flower or insect is a good example of a playful personality.For a more refined look, stick to abstract shapes, such as a simple enamel circle or a jewel surrounded by pearls.The location of your brooch is a good place to start.It's possible to slip it through the top button-hole on your jacket.If your jacket does not have buttons, you can use a brooch as a fastening.

Step 6: A simple T-shirt with a brooch is jazzed up.

Sometimes the best style is not flashy.You will look like you are ready for anything if you add a brooch to a fitted T-shirt.Try different colored t-shirts, including stripes and solids.T-shirts that are very casual-looking should be avoided, as they tend to be baggy.A brooch can be used to dress up a black shirt and skirt combo.

Step 7: It's a good idea to stick your brooch to the waist of a skirt.

If you want to emphasize your waist, pin your brooch through the skirt's waistband.If you prefer how that looks, you can either pin it in the center or the side.You can wear a brooch on the neck of a turtleneck or cuff of pants.

Step 8: The end of a scarf can be secured with a large brooch.

If you like wearing a big, cozy scarf, but don't like having the ends hanging down, a brooch is the perfect solution.Wrap the scarf around your neck and use a brooch to pin it in place.This will add a pretty touch that is as functional as it is stylish.You can either put the scarf in the center of your chest or add the brooch closer to your shoulder.

Step 9: You can wear your brooch in your hair with a headband or ribbon.

A jeweled brooch is a great hair accessory.Pin the clasp to a headband or pass it through a ribbon for a simple way to tuck your brooch into your hair.Then, tie a ribbon around your hair and wear a headband.If you want to wear a brooch in your hair, spray it with texturizing spray.Attach a bobby pin to your hair with a place on the clasp where you can secure it.

Step 10: It is possible to make your brooch into a necklace.

If you want to wear your brooch but not put holes in your clothes, try wearing it as a necklace.Attach it to a chain, a string of pearls, or even a piece of ribbon to create a one-of-a-kind necklace.Attach your brooch to a piece of ribbon or velvet that is long enough to wrap around your throat.Attach a small brooch to a long chain.

Step 11: You can add a unique twist by wearing identical brooches on the tops of your shoes.

Pin on a pair of matching brooches to dress up your flats, shoes, and sneakers.Plan your outfit to coordinate with your shoe decorations.If you add bright red brooches to a pair of black flats, you can choose a black skinny jeans and black shirt with red details.

Step 12: A unique brooch adds flair to your hat.

You can add a brooch to almost any hat.Attach the hat securely by pushing the pin through the material.You can dress up a knit hat with a pretty jeweled brooch.Adding a brooch to the side of a hat or fedora is smart and playful.

Step 13: A brooch is a good accessory for a plain purse.

Place a brooch on a bag to add extra flair.Try pinning it on the purse flap or the center of the bag.Don't use a brooch that's highly valuable.You could damage the clasp if you brush your bag against something.

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