How To Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Pairing ankle boots with different outfits can be difficult, but they are a versatile shoe to have in your closet.You can easily wear a pair of ankle boots with cuffed jeans to create a classic and polished look without a lot of effort.Pick the right type of jeans and boots for your outfits for the best results.

Step 1: To create a thin cuff, roll the hem of your jeans up 2 times.

One of the easiest ways to pair skinny jeans with ankle boots is with cuffs.If you want to create a double cuff, fold the hem twice.A thin strip of skin between the boot and jeans should be revealed by the cuff, which should bring the lower edge of each jean leg just above your natural ankle.Make it so that the visible strip of skin is less than 2.5 cm wide.Too much visible skin can create a large block that makes your leg look shorter, if you see a small glimpse of skin.

Step 2: One time, cuff the hem of a pair of skinny jeans for a bolder look.

A single cuff can create a bold block at the bottom of the jean.One time, fold the hem up and make a cuff that is 1–2 inches wide.People with long legs are good candidates for single cuffs.If you have short legs, try to keep the cuff smaller than 2.5 cm to avoid making your leg look short.

Step 3: The jeans have a hidden cuff.

If you don't like the cuffed look, try folding the hems inward.The space between your jeans and your boots will be created by Tucking the hem inside of the leg of jeans.If you want a hidden cuff, fold the jeans only once.You can iron the new hem at the bottom of the pant leg to keep the fold in place.

Step 4: Don't put the hem in the boot.

Tucking your jeans into the boots will make your legs look shorter.Your jeans can bunch around your ankle, making them look wide and disheveled.skinny jeans tend to be tighter than straight-leg or bootcut.cuff them to prevent bunching even though they might fit into the top of the boots.

Step 5: If you want to cuff them, opt for a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans.

The most flattering style to wear with ankle boots is skinny and straight-leg jeans.When you fold them, they hug your curves for a long time.Since they are stretchy and don't show many bumps when folded or cuffed, skinny jeans are the best option.Straight-leg jeans can be used to create a more relaxed look.

Step 6: Pick a pair of jeans that are notucked.

These jeans flare out slightly below the knee, making them a great cut to wear with ankle boots.Instead of trying to tuck or cuff these jeans, allow them to fall over the top of each boot.Don't go for cuts that have flared hems.These can break your leg and make you look short.

Step 7: You can show off the tops of the boots with a pair of jeans.

There is a space between the bottom of the jeans and the ankle boots that can be found in a pair of skinny or straight-leg jeans.This small strip of skin creates a professional look without the hassle of cuffing jeans.If you have an older pair of skinny jeans, you can make your own cropped jeans by cutting them with scissors above your ankle.To mark off the section you want to remove, use a tape measure and pencil.

Step 8: The hem needs to be at least 1.5 in off the ground.

Try on jeans without boots.The lower hem of each leg should hit the middle of your ankle.The jeans are too long if the hem is touching the ground.If your jeans are too long, they can bunch around your ankle, making your legs look shorter than they are.

Step 9: Pick a boot that is at least 2 in.

If you want to add a bit of height to your legs, pick a pair of ankle boots that are slightly taller than the average shoes or flats.If they are a reasonable height and you can walk in them, the heels can be a variety of heights.If you are wearing heeled boots for the first time, look for a pair that is 2 inches tall.These will allow you to walk naturally while standing.

Step 10: For wearing with jeans, look for a pair of boots that hit higher on the ankle.

The ankle boots are meant to be worn with dresses and skirts.If you want to pair taller ankle boots with jeans, look for ones that hit at the ankle bone.If the boots hit on the ankle, they can make your legs look shorter.

Step 11: Pair brown boots with jeans that are light wash.

Although you can wear almost any color of jeans with ankle boots, brown boots and light wash jeans are a classic and comfortable style.For the best results, stick with a medium-toned brown leather or suede boot, and a very light or acid wash jean.If you don't want to wear leather or suede, there are many high quality imitations that can help.

Step 12: Pick a pair of jeans that match the color of your legs.

If you want to make your legs look longer, you should match the color of your boots and denim.If you want to make yourself look taller, you can get a boot with a higher heel.The easiest way to pull this off is by wearing a pair of black ankle boots.The jeans and boots are flattering and will help to make your legs look long and slim.If you want to make a smooth transition from boots to jeans, fold a hidden cuff in the jeans.

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