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If the best of design is followed, joining thick to thin parts should be kept to a minimum.We should follow some basic guidelines when we have to join thick to thin.The thicker part will always absorb more heat than the thinner part.The effect of the materials on the welding process should also be considered.It is possible for materials like aluminum to absorb more heat than steel.

When welding something thick to thin, we need to make sure our amperage setting is correct or we can burn the thinner of the two parts.We risk not having enough heat to melt the ticker part if we set the amperage low.We run the risk of burning or melting the thinner part if we set the level too high.

The correct amperage for the thinner material is one approach.Using a torch or other heating tool, warm up the thicker part tot the point it easily welds to the thinner part.This process can be used to increase the effective heat with some of the smaller welding machines.We can use thicker material if we preheat the base material.

The thicker of the two metal parts can be welded using the high amperage technique.We focus the majority of the heat on the thicker part as we kiss the thinner part.When using this technique, the torch and angle can make a big difference.It’s better to keep enough metal in the joint than to have a fire on the thinner part.