I am new to Islam and I want to learn more as I feel attracted to Islam but I am scared of attending the local Masjid does anyone have tips or people they know in Ottawa Ontario that could help me

I am new to Islam and I want to learn more as I feel attracted to Islam but I am scared of attending the local Masjid does anyone have tips or people they know in Ottawa Ontario that could help me

Don’t be scared to attend the local mosque, but I would recommend going and talking to the Imam first, aks him to introduce you to some good people who may help you with your journey.You may meet some nasty people who might tell you this is haram and not to do that, do not listen to them build your relationship with Allaah, alone.Talk to Him all day praise Him, complain, tell Him your secrets and desires, keep having a conversation with Allaah.

That is the beauty of Islam you do not need to go through anyone.I will also recommend you spend time listening to Mufti Menk and Yusuf Estes on youtube.I was born into Islam and I have learned so much from the 2 of them.

If possible come to the Chicago convention for Muslims called the MAS ICNA in December or go to other conventions, find others who have converted they will understand your journey.

I do not know much about Ottawa, but I know the core teachings of Islam: Qur’an Verse 2:136 urges us to follow what God has revealed to the Prophets.Verse 42:13 teaches that there is one religion revealed by God to all Prophets.7:96 confirms the ‘blessings for obedience and the curses for disobedience’ – the same teachings of Moses and other prophets.

14:7 teaches that God rewards the grateful and punishes the ungrateful.45:30-31 the believers who obey and do good deeds will be blessed.7:35 comforts those who accepted and obeyed the prophets; no fears; no grieves.

The verse is to all people, not to Muslims only” 7:42 teaches that those who believe and do righteous deeds will be rewarded an eternal life in paradise.The verse is also to all people, not to Muslims only”.103:1-3 teach that mankind is in loss Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience”.

30:41 teaches that Evil and the curses are the results of disobedience.7:164 urges us to guide the lost person to the truth and to bring him back to God.3:92 teaches that the evidence to the true belief is to spend money to support the poor.

71:10 urges us to repent and pray to request God’s forgiveness Many verses like 11:51, 34:47, 6:90, 12:104, 34:39, and 36:21 teach that true Prophets do not accept any reward for preaching the truth, the same is also taught by many Prophets in 26:145, 26:164, and 26:180 11:117 teaches that God does not punish the obedient righteous.41:30-31 teaches that the believers who obey God will be supported by angels in this life and in the hereafter.40:51 teaches that God supports the prophets and the believers in this life and hereafter, the same is confirmed in other verses like 37:171-172 10:62-64 teach that the righteous have nothing to fear, and neither shall they grieve.

41:46 teaches that people have the choice to do either good deeds or bad deeds.God does not predetermine the punishment or the rewards before the people are born and before they have a chance to do any good or bad deeds.38:28 clarifies that God does not treat the obedient believers as the wicked.

16:90 reminds us about justice, spending to support the poor, and warns of immorality and oppression.12:105 teaches that there are enough signs in the heavens and on earth to guide people to God.16:10-14 mention some signs like the rain, the fruits, the night, the day, the sun, the moon, the sea as a source of food and to enable transportation via ships, etc.

(such signs should make people grateful) 30:21-23 remind us of some signs like our creation, marriage, creation of the heavens and the earth, different languages, colors, our sleep, and earning our living; all those are signs we should think about 30:44-45 teach that it is up to people to believe or to disbelieve; free will, no predestination.6:116 teaches that the majority do not follow the truth but follow opinions and guesses.38:24 teaches that the majority is not right (and that the true obedient believers are not the majority – but those are the minority).

That is similar to the wisdom taught by Moses in Exodus 23:2 That is similar to the wisdom taught by Jesus when he mentioned the narrow gate in Luke 13:24-27 and in Matthew 7:13-14 33:67-68 is a scene from the hereafter to teach that those who follow the arrogant leaders will be misled.34:32 teaches that those who followed the arrogant leaders are also guilty.28:8 teaches that the soldiers who execute the commands of the wicked authorities are also guilty.

15:42 teaches that the devil does not have authority to force people to sin 16:99 teaches that obedient believers can resist devil’s temptations.17:65 teaches that the devil has no authority to mislead people (they can resist temptations).27:83-85 is a scene from the hereafter, when we are asked ‘what else have you been doing?’.

28:65-66 is also a scene from the hereafter to warn those who reject the Prophets.6:120 teaches us to be transparent; we should not have any bad thoughts.25:43-44 warns those who follow their desires instead of following God’s commands.

16:105 teaches that the disbelievers are liars (because they conceal the proofs of existence of God which they see everywhere).27:14 teaches that some people reject God’s signs and revelations although they know that the signs and revelations are true.16:22 teaches that non-believers are arrogant (those are arrogant because they conclude that there is no God and there is no hereafter without enough knowledge – they acted like the child who has limited knowledge but makes conclusions about the advanced science theories).

23:64-66 is a scene from the hereafter to warn those who prefer to live a luxury life ignoring God’s message.46:20 is a scene from the hereafter to warn the arrogant people who did not obey but chose to enjoy a luxury life.That is similar to the wisdom taught by Jesus in Luke 16:25 4:150-152 Warns those who reject some of the prophets.

7:30 teaches that God does not mislead people, but people are misled when they follow the devil’s temptations.7:146 teaches that God does not guide the arrogant who ignore the signs and deny God’s message.6:119 teaches that many are led astray by their own lusts through ignorance.

7:28 teaches that we should not automatically inherit the bad traditions of the disobedient parents.37:69-70 warn those who blindly follow the father’s religion.The same is confirmed in 43:23-25 16:35 warns those who say that it is all decided by God and we do not have decisions about faith matters 16:53 reminds us about God’s gifts and the fact that he is the only refuge we seek in real disasters.

16:83 warns those who enjoy the gifts of God but are ungrateful.17:14 is a scene from the hereafter teaches that each person will validate his records of his deeds.17:15 teaches that God enables people to choose their faith, they will be rewarded according to their deeds, and there is no punishment for those who do not know about the Prophets.

17:72 warns those who turn a blind eye to the signs of God in this world that they will be blind in the hereafter.20:124-127 warn those who turn a blind eye to the signs of God in this world that they will be blind in the hereafter.43:7 teaches that people used to persecute the Prophets.

23:44 teaches that people hate the true teachings of the prophets.21:35 teaches that we will be tested by bad and good things before we return to God.23:55-58 teach that gifts in this life are not rewards to the chosen, but are means to testing.

27:14 warns those who reject the signs of God although they know that they are true signs and revelations.28:50 warns those who follow their desires without guidance from God.32:12 is a scene from the hereafter to warn those who fail to do good deeds.

33:39 teaches that God will reward those who deliver his messages and fear none save God (the verse does not mention the reward; but say that those are very special people to God; God knows how to reward his very special people).34:25-26 teach that everyone will be judged for his deeds only (not for the mistakes of fathers or others).34:34 warns the people who have wealth and authority because those are usually the first people to reject the prophets.

35:37 is a scene from the hereafter to explain the conditions of the disobedient who wish to go back to life to do good deeds (although they are granted enough time to demonstrate their behavior).39:59-61 is a scene from the hereafter to warn the arrogant who deny the signs and revelations.40:81 warns those who ignore God’s signs which he shows everywhere.

42:40 teaches that it is better to forgive than to return evil for evil.42:43 urges us to be patient and to forgive.43:20 warns those who worship other Gods and who claim that they do not have a choice to choose the right faith.

43:36-37 warns those who ignore God Guidance that they will be misled by devils.43:72 Teaches that people are rewarded according to their deeds (God does not create people as holy or sinners.He does not predetermine their salvation, but he delegates that task to each person).

45:15 teaches that people determine their fate by their deeds.45:28-31 explains a scene from the hereafter; people will be rewarded for their deeds, all deeds are recorded.46:13 teaches that the obedient believers can earn their salvation.

51:50 teaches that God is the only refuge to flee to.The verse does not mention the sources of the risks to flee from; the only safe haven from all disasters is God.63:10 urges us to spend money to support the poor.

76:27 warns those who just enjoy life and forget to think about their salvation.80:34-37 warn about the Day of Judgment.“On the Day a man will flee from his brother, and his mother and his father, and his wife and his children, on that Day, to every one of them will his own state be of sufficient concern”.

24:22 urges forgiveness.“…and you should forgive and overlook: Do you not like God to forgive you?And God is The Merciful Forgiving”.

4:8-9 urge people to take care of the orphans and the needy.

Well I am not in Canada, yet I can suggest you that there is no harm in going to any masjid, disregards to what your faith is.They will welcome you if you have some questions or you want to learn something about Islam.And possibly that would be the correct thing to do, because you will get the right guidance and not the Quora guidance.

I know very little about the Muslim population of Canada, but with a little effort you can contact the daw’a centers and speak with them.

You can also contact Islamic Articles and Audio which is Canada based and won’t ask you for financial compensation.