I don’t understand why Detroit Airport is lumped in with busy airports like Montreal and Toronto, it is just a useless airport for only one stop.

Why is Detroit Airport classed as a busy airport I compared it to Montreal and Toronto and it is a useless airport for 1 stop even each way flights to Europe and Central America Am I wrong

It’s a busy airport because it is a hub for Delta and Spirit.

Last year, it handled 37 million passengers and 397,000 movements, and had 1,100 flights a day.

It is not as busy as D TW.YYZ, which is the hub of a country.

It is Canada’s largest city and is a good location for connections. Last year, YYZ had 50 million passengers and about 453,000 movements, which is 1,240 flights a day.

The hub for an entire nation and the entry point for that country from many parts of the world would make YYZ a busy airport.

The Main Detroit airport is a busy airport for flights to all sorts of destinations across the United States.