I have the code F76 on my GE Profile dual oven, and just had a code pop up on our display of our GE oven.

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It’s a good time to check out your oven performance.If you need repairs or replacements, you can stop cooking in the kitchen.

General Electric ovens has a wide range of models.They are also equipped with sophisticated electronic control panels.The feature helps to achieve precise temperature for cooking and also to fix problems.

The GE error codes numbers are easy to understand.The error codes in GE appliances vary from model to model.Double check that your model number is correct when you are online.

Most of the problems can be fixed by replacing the control panel.You have to be careful if you try to replace it by yourself.The main unit controls the entire stove.The entire unit won’t work if you fail to install it and secure connections.

You have to order the correct replacement part for your unit if you have identified the problem.We often get calls from clients who have tried a do-it-yourself repair and ended up with more work.

The oven temperature sensor is an issue with GE ovens.The unit’s failure to measure temperature is the only issue and it is a very specific problem.

It is important to make sure that you have diagnosed the problem correctly, as it might not be the unit itself, but a faulty wiring connection.It can give you the impression that something is wrong with the sensor.

It might seem obvious, but it does go a long way.You have to have a dedicated power source for your electric stove, range or ovens.They use more power than other appliances.

The breaker will go off if you notice that the power source isn’t adequate.Make sure that you do not overload your electric panel, and plug other appliances in the outlets that are not part of the same section.

We prefer the stove design with the front control panel for the design and cleaning purposes, but you will have to be more careful not to spill water around it.

It’s important to keep the ovens clean.There is a self- clean feature.The grease, spills and stuck food in the oven can affect the heat distribution and cause a fire.

If some of the problems can be easily solved by resetting the stove, you need to get help from professional service technicians.Problems with stove, ovens and ranges that deal with temperature control and electrical issues are a big safety concern.Without attention, they can’t be left.