I was tricked into giving away my verification code, which was a scam.

Beware of text messages requesting your account verification code.The verification code text scam is being used by hackers to gain access to your account.Even if you didn't create a Voice account.

Mobile phone users are being targeted to gain access to their email accounts.

The scam is similar to a criminal posing as a police officer and asking people for their car keys.The scam takes advantage of the recovery options.

If you forget your login credentials, you can add a phone number and recovery email address.Even if your account is stolen, you will never be locked out of your Gmail account.

If you haven't requested this code, someone tried to reset your password from Dayton, Ohio.

You can get a six-digit code by text.The keys are six-digits and the car is your email address.The cyber criminal will try to trick you into giving them the verification code you just received.They can steal your identity once they have it.They will try to text you from their cell phone pretending to be a search engine, asking for a verification code.

An extra layer of security is added to your account by receiving a verification code from Google.

If you share your email address, phone number, and misjudgement on social media, you are a potential target for a scam.

There are lots of people living in poor countries that are good at scamming people.

Ignore them!They want you to give them access to your email.Don't give anyone your verification code.Your private information should be treated the same as your social security number.

If you need your verification code, please contact the company.We don't give verification codes.We don't need a verification code.

There are over 40 real screenshots of data being held hostage by various hackers around the world.

It is recommended that you never give out your personal information when selling online.

Is it possible to sell your stuff online?Do not list your phone number or any other personal information.After seeing your phone number, scammers posing as buyers are asking for your verification code in order to gain access to your account.Many people are falling for this scam.If you do, please log in and change your password.If it's too late, please contact the company.

Cyber criminals attempt to steal data or access your network by way of your employee's phone and tablets.This gap is closed by mobile device security.

More employees are using their own mobile phones and tablets at work.

How do you prevent unauthorized access to data if the devices are lost or stolen?

It is possible that personal mobile devices are on your network.It is not possible to just hope your network is safe.Take action!

You can bounce back from an unfortunate event with Datto solutions.You can give us a call.


When sending a text, the scam will usually use their own phone number.Do a reverse phone number search.Search for the phone number.Good luck!

Tammy gave me my verification code because she said she was having trouble sending me messages.I can not get back into my pop site.Please help.

They pretended to be a friend and asked for the code.Their phone number was also used for texting.

You can find out who they are by calling their phone number.If you want to be discreet, you can use a reverse phone number search.

A sealed postage was sent to me.The stamp is from France.Is the verification code inside?Is this a legit document and if so, how do I verify my business?What should I do?Is this a real thing?

It sounds like you got a verification from the internet.Do not use it.If you didn't you could get customers to your personal address.

I received 3 texts today.There were no unusual attempts on my email addresses.Which account is this for?

When I received a text in the middle of the night with a verification code, I knew it was a scam.I changed my password on my account in the morning.I got nothing except confirmation that other people had recently been searching for the phone number.

I never received a request for me to send the verification code to anyone, so it may have been a simple case of someone with a phone number similar to mine typing in the wrong digits and getting my number by mistake.

I should probably have the g-mail account on my phone again.I did not bother to set up my new phone because I don't use it very often.

Nancy, you are probably correct.Good job changing your password.If you do not associate your Gmail account for baking or forgot my password as a recovery option, that is fine, however if you have any personal data saved such as your contact etc.Someone could be asking for personal information or a money scam.

I received my business code in the mail.There is a 5 digit code.Is this the same as the other 6 digit codes?The person asked for $50 in exchange for my regular email.Through pay pal.I have not sent the code yet.Should I not send it??

Someone is trying to use your home address as a business address.Maybe they want to build false credibility by using your address.People can show up to your house expecting service.Don't do it.

I don't have a G-Mail account, or any other account that I am aware of, so I just use the Web to access it.I received 2 text messages on my old fashioned cell phone which gave me the same access number.There were two different numbers that the messages came from.I didn't know what a access number was.Is that a kind of scam?Someone typed in a wrong phone number.

This could be someone using the wrong number with a mistake in their account information.Someone is trying to get your information.Don't text back, just ignore them.

I started getting verification code from different mobile numbers.It goes to voicemail when I try to call back.I used to get text messages from the internet, but not from mobile phones.There is no other way to log in to my account.Does anyone have that experience?Thank you.

I received two access codes while I was setting up two-step verification.The numbers are in Slovakia, but no more information is available.

I exited the set-up and searched for answers, and found this site.If this is legit, how do I get a valid code, or should I forget two-step altogether?

Verification codes are great.It is odd that you are getting texts from strange phone numbers.A verification code will be sent to you by text.Don't reply to a text message with that code.They will never ask for codes.Run for the hills if you get an odd text from someone pretending to be a search engine and asking for a verification code.Do not send your verification codes to anyone.Good luck.If you're paranoid, you can always log in to your account and change your password.

I had three attempts to get a verification code for my phone, but all three had different mobile numbers, and I was told it was the number of the server they were on.

Michael, thank you for sharing your experience.You did not text your verification codes to anyone.This will help anyone getting verification texts from mobile numbers.

I had the same concern, but it happened to me on Telegram.Customer support assured me that it is not a hacker.You can only use a code once if they use an intermediary element.

I received 2 verification codes.There are 2 verification codes from the internet.

I'm there!I ignored the text message.I received a second message from 614 6954720.I was chatting with someone when that happened.He asked me for the code.I have it in my possession.He said he was doing something on his phone.I searched the number and found it might be a scam.I changed my password.Even if it happened yesterday.Please help me understand what's going on.

The same thing happens to me as well.If I don't feel that I should sign in with the code that was sent from this number, how do I change my password?Does anyone know who these numbers are?

Look for this phone number.The person would only talk to you by texting if you asked them to call.I was asked if I wanted to talk on the phone and verify the code.I told her not to waste her time on me.

The guy doing this is named Venkatraman Kathik and he is trying to hack my account.

Help!They requested a verification code from a friend and I sent it to them.My email is not being forwarded to me.I can't change my password because the new number is not my number.What can I do?I keep personal financial forms in my email account.

My email is blocked and I have to sign in with my pass word.They said they would send me numbers to log in with, but I can't get to my e-mail because it's blocked.Do I need to call the geek squad to get my email?I heard the NY times says that paypal is bad now.

I get at least three verification codes per day.James M Smith from a scamming so called loan company quickly texts and asks for a code.We have cell phones and a home phone.We want to know how to get rid of this.

The phone number that replied to my ad was out of town and they wanted to buy my item.I asked when they would be able to meet.When I replied back from the number they asked me to text them the verification code from my phone so they would know I was not a fake seller.I did not.

Thank you for sharing.I'm happy you didn't send them the requested code.Good job!It doesn't surprise me how low people go to steal identities.Jen.

Someone may have my password and I have 24 hours to respond or my account will be suspended.

I received a verification request from a number that I did not know.I gave that person my pin.I immediately changed my email password.

Glad you changed your password quickly.Make sure your phone number is not changed by a potential thief.

I put my phone number on the internet.The person who sent me the text said they wanted to buy the albums I listed on the website.They want to know if I am a real person and not a computer.I typed the codes back to them after they sent them.I stopped texting and deleted the message after they told me to type the correct verification code.When I got home after changing my password, I checked my security settings and found that someone from Atlanta had entered my email account.My email was locked out of my home computer because I changed my password again.I am not sure if they stole my identity or not, but I will find out.I think they stole my identity because they log into my email from Atlanta.

Sorry to hear about the scam.You shouldn't list your phone number on CL.If I were you, I would change my bank password and make sure your contact information is correct.I would change the password for any accounts tied to your email address.Jen.

I'm Hi.A verification code was given to me by a 5 digit number.I received the same code a few seconds later.Both texts stated that I had a verification code.I told the person with the phone number that I didn't want them to call me.

I replied to the ad with a six digit code and they wanted to know if I was a person and not a robot.I did.After reading this, I changed my password for gmail, but I don't use it for craigslist.If they don't know my email address, I'm hoping they're not able to access anything.

The person texting me asked if I was a real person and if they were interested in my car.The person said that I should get a g verify code and then I looked and saw that it was from the internet service provider, so I asked the person if he was a real person.I told them I was not giving them the code so they wouldn't have access to my account information.The phone number was sent from.

I got a voice verification code from them after I posted a car oncraigslist.I want to buy your car, are you a real buyer?When I received the code, they told me to send it to them because they know I am real.

I asked them to call me, but they didn't hear from me.I didn't give them the code.I changed my password.Their must be something that the internet search engine can do.This is the phone number that was used.

Josephine, you did a great job!You did the right thing.Cragslist should put a warning on their site about this.

I was asked for my voice verification by john.I saw no activity after I did it.I use an e-mail that is not from a search engine.I don't know if I should be concerned about anything.

I would be worried if they sent your code.Password recovery for online banking, as well as other important accounts, is most likely linked to your google account.I would be changing my passwords.

They acted like they wanted my tickets immediately after I received a text to buy them.A verification code was sent by text.I searched for verification codes and found this website.When does someone send you a code?I said I don't send codes to scam artists.I never received a text back.

A text request to buy a car was received within an hour after a post on theCraigslist.I needed my verification code to prove I was the real seller, traded text with them several times trying to figure out what they were, and discovered a scam.

They are working hard for these codes.I was texting for days with this girl I matched with online, everything seemed fine, we were talking everyday, and I felt we would eventually meet.Hannah needed the verification codes from the two texts she received today.I didn't fall for it.I troll her and send her the wrong codes to waste her time and make her frustrated before I slam her with a big FU.

I got a text after posting something.The number asked if they could send a code to see if I was real, and I said yes.I gave the number for the verification code after getting a text with it.Is this different from a verification code?How do I know if it's true?My email is not associated with my Craiglist account.I only have one gmail account and it is associated with my school account which requires a two factor password.Do you know what I should do?

Don't send the code to a phone number.The code should never be shared with anyone.It might be a coincidence that you received a text after posting.If you gave someone your voice verification code, they can impersonate you.It's a good idea to look out for unexpected bills.

I made a mistake when I fell for this.The code for the voice verification was given to a buyer.After having second thoughts, I checked it out.I immediately changed my password.What might they be able to do with the code?I have never set up a Google Voice number.I don't know what else can or should be done.The password on my other accounts has been changed as well.

Same thing happened to me.I received a text from a number that I didn't know.The number asked if they could send a code to see if I was real, and I said yes.I gave my code after getting a text with it.It took a few minutes for me to realize that it was a scam and I changed my password.

Someone asked if this is a real add after I posted the add.I said yes.He or she said, "I just send you the code, can you send it back to me to verify that you are real?"This is random and shady, I said.He kept telling me to send the code.I said I am not real.He/ she stopped talking after the end of the conversation.

Great job!It is surprising that people will listen to strangers and give out personal information.Glad you are not one of them.

I sent the verification code after I received a text to confirm I was real.I didn't know what a verification was.I do not have a gmail account.Does that mean I don't have any risk?Is the verification code only for gmail?

Can you tell us the exact message they sent?The first signs of a hacker are bad spelling and grammar.It's sad when people can't spell.How do you send a verification code to someone if you don't have any accounts with the internet company?There are also voice verification codes on the internet.That could be what they were looking for.

When they tell me the password is incorrect, I tell them.

There was a message asking for a voice verification code.I received a second message from a different phone number asking for a voice verification code.I received a text from 22000.I said "SCAMmer" to the first message.I accidentally sent back the 6 didget code with scammer as I thought I was responding to the second message.If I replied back to the message that sent me the 6 diget code, who got the reply?I don't know if the scam artists have gotten it or not.Thanks!

Thank you!Someone contacted me about a Craig's list ad and asked me to send a code.It seemed odd to me.Why didn't they just call me if they wanted to make sure I was a real person?I never received a code.I was using a real phone number for my ad, not a fake one.I was able to find your explanation about the scam.I'm glad I didn't fall for it.

I accept to give my phone to this guy, but I don't give him a 6 digit number.

I posted something to sell.I had to prove I was a real seller by sending back the code from the voice service.I gave the code and then found out it was a scam.Within 15 minutes, I changed my password and it still showed my phone number.The new password for the gmail account is not working because my cell phone is asking me to sign into the services again.Is this a different password for the play services than the email account?

I received a call from a person who said they would remove a negative review from my business website.He sent a text with a confirmation code.They will remove any future negative reviews if you pay a $100 fee.We hung up and blocked him because it sounded suspicious.I gave him the code after I found the issue.Has my account been compromised?I changed my password.

I put an ad on the DallasCraiglist to sell furniture.A prospective buyer sent me a text message asking for a code.I didn't give the code.The phone number was unlisted.

I was happy to find this.I was texting someone back with a code number to prove that I am real after they text me about a bike I have for sale.They kept asking for the verification code after it arrived.This is the first time I've experienced this.I blocked their number in my account.They don't have my email address.

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