If I don’t subscribe to OnStar, can my car be unlocked without a subscription?

The service will be free for five years.Customers can use the service to lock or unlock doors, start their cars via a smart phone or tablets, and even change the horn and lights.

How much does OnStar charge tounlock your car?OnStar is primarily a safety and security service with live operators who call if your car crashes.If you have locked yourself out of your car, you can use the new app to remotely lock it.

There is no legal obligation for OnStar to provide a service that isn’t paid for.If your car is stolen, you can call OnStar and pay the subscription fee.They should be able to locate your car at that point.

The OnStar plan is required for the vehicle access features of myChevrolet.In the U.S., the carrier is not AT&T on 4G-equipped vehicles.