If you suddenly became Premier of Quebec what are 5 things you would do or change you within your first days in office to improve the province and improve the life of Québécois Quebecers or Quebeckers and

If you suddenly became Premier of Quebec what are 5 things you would do or change you within your first days in office to improve the province and improve the life of Québécois Quebecers or Quebeckers and

A MGV Line from Percé to Gatineau, passing by Gaspé, Rivière aux Renards, St-Anne-des-Monts, Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, Québec, Trois-Rivières, Montréal and Gatineau.I’m a strong believer in Gaspésie’s potential and the whole péninsula really need some kind of economical boost.People from the small villages there do 1 hour of commuting everyday to work in Gaspé; my TGV would be multi-purpose.Be it commercial, tourism or as a mean of mass transportation.We cannot develop the whole place without better access and it’s the poorest region in the province.Yet it’s rich in natural ressources, and we already know where most of the good stuff is, be it mineral or petrol.

La Gaspésie have Alberta potential if we do a prorata about their respective size.It’s a shame for Gaspésie to be the poorest region in the poorest province in Canada, it’s speak a lot about the current governement that never helped the folk transition from the fishing industrie nor much help with the closure of Murdochville; do you have an idea of how many more Murdochville could be in Gaspésie?Let’s me guess, twelve and more, the whole mountain chain, Les Appalaches is an unexploited klondike.Next would be a housing first policy.Third would be a dental care policy.After I would try to grant quebecer better flight pricing to fly from point A to point B inside Québec.Did you saw that article a few month ago about how going from Québec to Côte-Nord was more expensive than going to Cuba ?I would try to strike a deal with Bombardier and create an Air-Québec service, here I’m seeing a partenariat with Nunavut and a better focus on the North and South Axis.And finaly, I would create a new branch in the educational system for anyone willing to start again and willing to learn a new work, to get some papers, to make sure that the folk have access to proper education.

As a prime minister I do rather have a citoyen earning 65k a year than 37k.

That’s a hard one…lol 1-Firstly, I would bring back the Quebec Stocks Savings Plan, one Version 3.0, using ICO, new Cryptocurrencies and tax credits for purchases.It is unnecessary to remind you that the first QSSP Program, dreamt up by Jacques Parizeau brought us Success Stories like Bombardier, Metro Richelieu, Jean Coutu, Telemedia, Cascades, Canam Manac and even Sportscene La Cage aux Sports, Sports Experts and Chateau Stores ..so it provided Capital for Firms with Potential.We need Entrepreneurs, we need Startups, we need Startups that become Medium size and sell internationally.

All else is like rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic.Coops could also use this Program with rules for them…ie Coop Sylvestre de la Mauricie.If we can have a Pharmacy, a Video Poker Bar, a Pub on Main Street in Downtown Shawinigan, I think we should also have more Wellness, like a decent Fruit and Veggie Store.

We need to shift into a Mindset of Wellness.2-Build another Statue of Maurice Duplessis for Montreal and one of General Charles de Gaulle, two icons that have marked Modern Quebec, the type of leadership and ambition, although not perfect, that Quebec needs to Grow.People of Vision with a Heart, not just Intelligence.

Intelligence is Got Us where we are.We need Heart too.We also need modern Models of Entrepreneurial Success.

Take a town like Shawinigan and show the world what can be done today if we had a more altruistic leadership at all levels.Look at Iceland and Sweden as Models.3-Allow new private schools, increase the quality of training in fields like Creativity with actual projects, Home Schooling Programs, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Team Building, and explore the concept of Masterminds at all levels.

Masterminds of 12–20 people can birthe a Company, launch a Product, go online and be all over social media ..Creating Masterminds should be an obsession.Stop wasting young peoples time in school..PS> Everybody should have some type of accountability except if your name is Andre…lol.PS.

Arbeit Macht Frei.…lol 4-Invest in New Technologies and Art, also Cinema that all promote Quebec overseas, stimulate tourism and attract quality immigration.Pay leadership well, including politicians up to $ 1 Million per annum.

Make theft and corruption a thing of the past..lol.We need to raise our Vibration.If you are caught stealing we will send ye to an Ashram in India to teach ye Mindfulness.

..lol.Have increased transparency and use high tech surveillance where necessary.Don’t build walls, instead build Drones that fly above walls….lol.

Raise the level of ethics by paying leaders well and through enlightenment and Coaching in Altruism…lol.We need to remind our Elites that they have tremendous Abundance and Power but also Responsibilities.5.

Poverty occurs not by Chance, but by Design.The current Model of trickle-down Economics does NOT work and leaves too many people by the side of the road, poor, destitute and living in Scarcity, wasting their lives away.The Opiate Crisis is but one of the outcomes of this type of Policy.

Granted, in Quebec, it is less than most of the USA but still Poverty in excess of 20% .It is why Nationalism and Populism manifest.In a Mindset of Abundance, say in an Aquarium where all fish get $1000 per month, ..mothers, unemployed, students, artists, veterans… like the Alaska Dividend but boosted by taxing Digital Products and Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon that monetize our Data, make billions and hardly pay taxes.Andrew Yang, author of the Book ‘’The war on normal people’’ is running as a Democratic Presidential Candidate in the 2020 US Election.

Why not try it?A Pilot Project of UBI occurred last year in Ontario.What were its results?

6-Most Priests are dead and buried in Quebec but we should still have an Ethical And Social License Test or Rating that asks us if this project pollutes, if it is noisy, if it is good for our Wellness, if it is in the interest of Quebec and of Humanity.We may get a proposal, highly lucrative to dispose of the garbage of a metropolis like Toronto.Are we interested in it?

Is it an opportunity?We need to analyze everything deeper, use new approaches, see waste as energy or see waste as materials, like metal, plastic and paper and see what can be shaped with it.Look beyond the 1972 way of looking at the world.

Factor in Technology, Deep thinking, Pure Intent and Altruism in all projects to make them socially acceptable.Life can be beautiful for all but choose your dancing partners more carefully.