In French why is the t in Montr%C3%A9al not pronounced

In French why is the t in Montr%C3%A9al not pronounced

It’s because Montreal derives from our biggest mountain called Mont Royal, and in French you don’t pronounce most last letters (maw-royal).When they finally called the city Montreal, people still treated the word like 2 seperate words and didn’t pronounce the t. I’d also like to point out that anglophones in Montreal call it Mun-tree-all compared to most outsiders Mon-tree-all.

Mont is a synonym to montagne (mount/moutain).réal means royal.In French words ending with several consonants, the last consonant, because it simply has no vowel to “sound with” , is usually not pronounced.

French is a Latin language insofar it needs a fair balance between consonants and vowels.Even though the two above words are merged into one proper noun, the rule still applies.

Because the t is part of the word mont (mount), in which the t is not pronounced.Réal is another form of royal, which is the exact same word as real in iberian languages.So yes, the proper way to pronounce it is without the t despite its presence.

The city name Montréal is a composite word.It comes from Mont which is a small mountain and Réal which is the old French word for royal.Because the “t” in mont is not pronounced in French, neither is it as Montréal.

Montréal was named after the mountain upon which it is built, the Mont Royal.Back in the old days of New France, they spoke a very different French from today.Women were called “créatures”.

King, Roi in French was pronounced roué.Royal was réal.Mount was and still is “mont”.

The mountain was thus named Mont Réal, back then.We changed the way we pronounced it much later.

The name “Montréal” means Mont royal, royal mount, and the word “mont” in French is pronounced “Mon”, without pronouncing the “t”, as it is the case for many French words.

Mont, pronounced with the “on” sound in French, means hill or mountain.Réal means royal.Jacques Cartier named the hill in the middle of Montréal mont Royal.