In Montreal is there cycling in the winter

In Montreal is there cycling in the winter

I have a colleague at work who bikes all year round.In winter he uses studded tyres on his bike so as not to slip on the odd patch of ice that he might come across.He also has a different bike for winter than for summer.

It’s always a bike for that he got for free or close to it.Some people throw out bikes with the smallest defects, such as a buckled wheel, rather than fix them.The reason he uses these bikes is because of all the salt that is used on the roads to melt the snow.

It does a lot of rust damage to the chain and gears of the bike, so they need to be replaced very regularly.It wouldn’t be worth it to take his best bike out in winter and to have to replace half the parts in spring.Even with all the above precautions, he won’t bike on the days after a heavy snowfall and before the roads have been cleared.

It would be rather difficult to cycle through 30 cm deep snow.The minor roads can sometimes take up to a week to have the snow removed.In the meantime, there are usually big piles of snow on the sides of the road that have been pushed from the centre to allow some room to drive.

These piles of snow occupy the part of the road where a cyclist would normally ride, so he would be obliged to ride in pretty much the same lane as the cars.I think he avoids cycling in these conditions too.I have heard that there are some cycle lanes that are cleared in winter, but I don’t know which ones.

Perhaps if you are lucky enough, you might find some on your regular route but in my case there aren’t any.One of the other answers includes a link to a map of these routes.Personally, I usually put my bike away when the first snow falls and take it out again when the roads are clear.

Winter biking is definitely a thing in Montreal.It’s not for everyone and it comes with some risks and challenges but it is exhilarating and totally worth it if you are careful and prepared.Invest in some gear that will make winter cycling on cold, windy days enjoyable: Goggles, balaclava, good gloves, tights, etc.

Bike paths get plowed along with the streets although conditions can get dangerous when there is a lot of ice and/or snow.Studded tires will help, exercise caution.

Been doing it for decades and I’m 67.Mind you it has mostly been around the West Island, but nevertheless, I try to get out at least once a day except when ice makes it too hazardous for someone my age.The Island has more cleared bike paths in the Winter than any other city in the World apparently, even then studded tires are a necessity.

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