Is a 2001 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged?

What engine came in a 2002 Monte Carlo SS?

3.4L V-6 Engine

Is a 2001 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged?

Nope. The Monte SS didn't offer a supercharger until the '04 MY.16 Aug 2004

Is the 2003 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged?

On the sides, the vehicle received Supercharged SS badges. Inside on the dash a #8 badge appeared and Dale Jr.'s signature on the cluster. This edition also got #8 floor mats and headrests. This was also the first nameplate car to receive GMs L67 Supercharged 3800 V6 engine.

Is a 2000 Monte Carlo SS Supercharged?

It is shared with many GM cars and vans, but the engine that would be welcome under the hood of the Monte Carlo is the supercharged version of the same engine, whose 240 horsepower can be found powering some other corporate siblings.

How much is a Monte Carlo SS 2002?

MSRP $23,225 ------ ---------------- Engine 3.8L V-6 MPG 19 city / 29 hwy

Is the 2002 Monte Carlo SS a good car?

Most Reliable Car I've Owned It is a great vehicle! I owned a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS for my first car and it was just great! It was stylish, it was reliable, and it drove so smooth! I would recommend this car to anyone!

How much does a Monte Carlo SS cost?

The LT trim starts at $23,065, while the racy SS has an MSRP of $28,165. To avoid paying too much for your Monte Carlo, be sure to compare pricing with the Fair Purchase Price, which shows what others in your area are paying for their vehicles.

How much is a Chevy Monte Carlo worth?

Make Avg Price Last 90 Days -------------------------- --------- ------------ CarGurus Index $30,736 +5.26% Chevrolet Monte Carlo $10,459 -7.29% 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $25,401 +0.93% 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo $6,930 -16.12%

Are Chevy Monte Carlo reliable?

Most helpful consumer reviews The auto industry criticizes the Monte Carlo for being subpar, but it is actually a great vehicle. It has guts, and enough performance. There are also many parts available for a good price. The car is also very reliable.

What is a 2002 Monte Carlo worth?

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Value - $445-$3,980 | Edmunds.

Is a Monte Carlo a muscle car?

Introduction: The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was introduced in 1970 at the height of GM muscle car power. Positioned as a personal luxury car, the Monte Carlo competed against the Pontiac Grand Prix and Buick Riviera for the gentlemen's performance market.

What kind of engine does a Monte Carlo SS have?

The Monte Carlo LS and LT are powered by a 3.5L V6 engine with advanced Variable Valve Timing (VVT) -- which uses an electronically controlled camshaft to pump out 211-hp and 214 lb. -ft. of torque at 4000 RPM. The Super Sport (SS), however, is powered by a stronger 303-hp 5.3L small block V8 and makes 323 lb.

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