Is Christmas Trees bad for dogs? Can you be allergic to christmas trees?

Every year since she was born, Haley has gone Christmas tree shopping with us.When we bring the tree back home, she waits to grab one of the trimmed branches from the bottom, then prances around the yard like a reindeer, chewing on the branch for a few minutes.

I discovered last year that live Christmas trees can cause health issues for some dogs.How did I misplace that information all these years?I didn’t know that pine trees are toxic.I thought maybe some of you hadn’t heard about it.Here is the scoop!

You have it!It is good to know the facts and be aware that there can be some health issues for certain dogs.

I have never noticed a problem with Haley after she chewed on the branches, maybe she is a tough dog or I didn’t notice a very minor issue because I was busy decorating the tree.She has never tried to drink the water or eat the ornaments, but many dogs do.Haley has allergies and her symptoms have gotten worse as she gets older.For the past few years, I have noticed a slight increase in her allergy symptoms around Christmastime, so next year we might have to consider buying an artificial tree.

If you or your dog have allergies, check out this article on Christmas Tree Syndrome and suggestions for reducing mold from live trees.

The holidays are a busy time of the year and it is smart to keep an eye on your dog while you celebrate with your family.During this time of year, our pups sometimes get themselves into a little trouble by tearing into wrapped food gifts under the tree.Let’s make our dogs happy and healthy this holiday season.

What do you think?Is Christmas trees harmful to dogs?Is artificial trees safer than live trees?Do dogs need sweaters in the winter?Do you like walking your dog in the winter?There are many ways to exercise your dog in the winter.

Great information!I try to keep the needles swept up.I didn’t think about the water.I will keep it covered for Ruby, but not for our cat who drinks anything because of his issues with the kidneys.

That advice is great for cat owners.When we had a cat, he wouldn’t drink bottled water, so I had to laugh at the thought of him drinking the tree water.

In the right circumstances, nearly anything can be a hazard.If we keep an eye on our pups, we can see if they are showing signs of problems.

I was worried that Honey would sweep glass balls off the tree with her tail and step on the broken bits.We bought things that wouldn’t break when we put our ornaments away.

Sorry to hear that Haley’s allergies are getting worse.You would be missing out on a live tree.

The Golden and Lab tails can clear the bottom of a tree before you know it.Haley is on Apoquel for her allergies and so far it is working great.We might not have to give up on live trees after all.

When the tree arrives in the house, my dogs have never been interested in it.They knocked a couple decorations off with their wagging tails.

For people with dogs that can’t resist them, an artificial tree is better than a real one.

There is nothing like a live Christmas tree.We put the unbreakable ornaments at the bottom because the happy tails send ornaments flying across the room.

I had no idea.We use a fake tree every year.If my huskies smelled a read tree in the house, they would be all over it.Our pack at Love is owned by a husky.

JoAnn, thank you!Last year, our vet mentioned that they see a lot of dogs around after Christmas for allergy issues from live trees.I think Haley is not the only one.

Timely post for me.I promised my daughter that I would stop using fake trees.We are getting a live tree for the first time.I will make sure to keep an eye on him.

That is awesome!When you drag the tree inside the house, Jax will be interested.They will look great in a photo around the tree.?

Excellent advice.We have always had an artificial one because I am allergic to pine.Love Dolly.

It is a common allergy for dogs.Haley’s allergies flare up when we travel to states with a lot of pine trees.

I stopped putting up a Christmas tree with cats and dogs.No glass decorations would knock the cats down.I only had a real tree for a couple of years.I hung my tree from the ceiling because I was tired of re-decorating it after I got home from work.The pups or cats would knock it down.The centerpiece of my dining room table is a nice tree.

I think I would go for the table top tree, even though I have heard of people hanging the tree from the ceiling.There are plenty of things to do around the holidays.?

The dogs are upset that the fake tree is not as wide as the old one.They don’t find the old hiding places.

Maybe you can stack presents in a way that creates new hiding spots for them.Finding the perfect artificial tree is just as difficult as finding the right live tree.

I bet a lot of people don’t think about how the tree in the house might affect their dog.Excellent heads-up.

Thanks, Slimdoggy!When I heard that the oil from the tree was toxic, I was surprised that Haley had been chewing on them for years.She never had any issues that we noticed.

The porcelain tree I use is from the 1950s.I don’t have to worry about cat or dog health or fire issues when using it.Everyone wins.

My parents have a small ceramic tree that they haven’t had a large tree for many years.It has become part of their Christmas tradition.I enjoy seeing it when we visit because I used to play with the lights when I was a child and my youngest son did the same thing.We both lost a few bulbs along the way.

We haven’t had a real Christmas tree in a long time.We put up one of the big trees or a small one because I have several artificial ones.We went small, but be warned, those little needles are everywhere.That’s right!

The needles and pups that like to eat random things would probably eat a few of those too.

Thanks for sharing.We have a lot to worry about for our dogs this time of year, with electrical lights, trees, and so on.

It is harder to keep an eye on the dog when we are so busy getting ready and then the company arrives.Our multi-tasking skills are put to the test.

I would love to have a real tree, but we probably shouldn’t get one because of Cocoa.She chews things and puts them in her mouth.Our house is small because she is so active.I want her to be happy.I like a real tree.

That might be a good idea for this year.You will be able to have a tree one year from now because Cocoa will settle down a bit.?

Thanks for the warning about pine trees!I didn’t think about the potential dangers.We have a live tree, but the dogs don’t chew it.Is it possible to restrict your live tree to the front porch to prevent your dog from chewing the branches?Dogs love us and we love them.

That is an interesting idea.Some people put live trees on the front porch.It may be a good compromise for dogs with allergies.

Live christmas trees can be a health hazard if a dog is overly curious and will ingest needles and the tree water.Rules around the house should keep a dog out of trouble.

Artificial christmas trees come from China, and therefore contain a lot of iffy components, particularly hazardous lead, which can make you sick if you eat it.

Barbara, I am glad you brought that up.Artificial trees from China and the type of plastic used in some trees are some of the topics I have been reading about recently.I read an article yesterday about how to make a fake Christmas tree.