Is Concordia Universitys creative writing certifikittene useful or is better to stick to writing workshops

Is Concordia Universitys creative writing certificate useful or is better to stick to writing workshops

If you think that you need a program to push you to write ( need the ‘professional’ feedback), then Concordia’s program will serve you well.However just doing the academic work to get a degree or a certificate will not magically give you a brilliant writing career and could even hinder it.

As the Wizard of Oz said to the scarecrow upon granting his wish, ‘I can’t give you brains, but I can give you a diploma.’The best thing that any aspiring writer can do is learn story structure and get involved in a writing workshop where people are on the same page (e.g.all working on learning story structure).

All of the other stuff (descriptive skills, dialogue, etc.)is fluff.Many successful writers have mediocre expository and language skills but are master storytellers.

I would recommend studying Robert McKee’s ‘Story’… while it is geared more towards scriptwriting, it is very much applicable to any narrative writing form.

Concordia is a really good school.When I went there I studied design for the theatre and the faculty and the program were great.But for creative writing, don’t you think that workshops would give a better return on investment?

If I were in your shoes and insisted on university education, I’d be tempted to go for a English and write write write.I’d submit articles to New Yorker magazine and such, paying no attention to the rejections.

Is there a job waiting or is it for freelance?Will it pay for your lifestyle?If not, you need a real job I.e a trade that your region is in short supply of therefore offer good money… a free lance welder will give one a lot of time to be creative.