Is downtown Montreal a family friendly tourist destination

Is downtown Montreal a family friendly tourist destination

Thanks for the A2A.I don’t know much about Montreal and have never spent more than an overnight there since I attended Expo 67, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be family-friendly, Having said that, as with all cities, there are probably areas that one should take care in visiting at night.

Downtown Montréal is basically a business and shopping district, albeit on an accessible and human scale, unlike a lot of other major city downtown cores.

For “family-friendly,” you want Old Montréal and especially the Old Port of Montréal (which extends along the waterfront the length of Old Montréal.

Downtown is basically for business, shopping and parades.That being said, the Quartier des spectacles is downtown, and they often have family-friendly events.There are a lot of activities for kids at the Old Port.

Montreal in general is safe and friendly city.You can also go to Old Montreal which is steps away, and visit Montreal Science Center, it is science museum for kids.

Absolutely.Far safer than many other downtowns in NA, and very walkable.Plus the whole thing doesn’t become deserted at the end of the business day.

Hi.Downtown Montreal is the commercial hub of a metropolitan city.Besides the odd ice cream or crepe hut, there are very little appropriate activities for young children.

Teens fare better because they have money to spend.

Old Montreal is probably better than the city centre.Just get a hotel near the Metro (Subway) and you will be fine.

Very much so.

Try the Grevin museum in the Eaton Centre….it has a wax museum and other family friend.y activities.