Is everybody even the children of immigrant or non francophone Canadians born and raised in Montreal normally fluent in French

Is everybody even the children of immigrant or non francophone Canadians born and raised in Montreal normally fluent in French

Is everybody (even the children of immigrant or non francophone Canadians) born and raised in Montreal normally fluent in French?Not everyone.Don’t forget that Montreal is home to two huge English-language universities, so you will have a lot of students from elsewhere in the world who do not necessarily speak French.

That’s just one example.There are fairly large predominantly English-speaking suburbs where you will find people who are not fluent in both languages, as well as insular ethnic communities.

Funnily enough, kids of non francophone immigrants are far more likely to speak fluent French than kids of “legacy” Canadian anglos.This is because immigrants are required to send their kids to francophone schools but “legacy” anglophones have a separate English-speaking school system.Even though the English Montreal School Board actually does a great job with French immersion and French streams, the simple fact of going to school with a bunch of anglos makes language acquisition harder and supports a continued separate anglo community (especially in the West Island).

No.The degree to which non-francophones in Montreal speak French is influenced in part by their age.Younger non-francophones are likely to have learned French in school, but that’s not generally the case with older anglophones, who may not have a good command of French, particularly if they live on the West Island.

Even more importantly, it depends on your definition of fluency.

I have a couple of friends who were born and raised in Montreal, one from Pointe-Claire and one from Roxboro and they both say they can converse in French but haltingly and they often grasp for words.Their families spoke English at home and they attended English speaking schools.Mind you, both have been living in Ontario for about 30+ years now.

Yes ,if they were sent to a french school.Most people who ended up in Montréal before age 10 speak french.People from west and north Africa often came from countries with french as a second language taught in school.

There are also Algerian / Moroccan/Tunisian families where the immigrant parents speak better french than their offspring born here !Bouccar Diouf is a famous college professor turned TV host / comedian.He plays with words as if he owns the language .

Yes, attending the school it will be in French.

hence they will be fluent in French, However to immigrate to Quebec you already have to speak French if you are going through their provincial program in the first place.

The children of non-Francophone Canadians and all immigrant English speakers are required by law to go to school in French, so they most certainly are fluent in French.