Is InfoCision training paid?

Is InfoCision work from home legit?

This company is an absolute joke. Don't work for this company unless you like incompetent management.

Is InfoCision a legitimate company?

This company is an absolute joke. I was supposed to start working with InfoCision MONTHS ago but couldn't progress past the initial presentation because their website wouldn't let me login. Don't work for this company unless you like incompetent management.

What does the company InfoCision do?

InfoCision is the leading marketing provider in the contact center industry. Leveraging state of the art technologies with decades of experience, we customize integrated marketing solutions for the nation's top commercial organizations and leading nonprofits, creating unparalleled ROI and brand value.

Is InfoCision training paid?

$8 -10 per hour to start ! Same as hourly rate. Two-week paid training.5 Jun 2017

How much does InfoCision pay work from home?

Salary pays $9.35 each hour. Work from home.

What kind of company is InfoCision?

marketing provider

What is InfoCision work from home?

What does the job entail? Our work-at-home positions are all call center based that require you to handle both outbound and inbound phone calls for our various clients. We offer positions in either Commercial Sales or Fundraising for Non Profit, Christian, and Conservative organizations.

Is InfoCision a good company?

The company is really misleading about bonuses and ability to move up in the company. I would not recommend working here more than a few weeks or months. You are only eligible for promotions after six months of taking calls and even then there's no guarantee for career growth.

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