Is it better to live and work in Seattle rather than Vancouver

Is it better to live and work in Seattle rather than Vancouver

Hahahahaha.Having been born‘n raised in Vancouver, yet blessed to have had the NAFTA VISA chance to live & legally work in the United States of America during a boom period of unprecedented economic growth under a forward thinking progressive democratic government — I’d, of course pick Seattle.It’s always good to leavebfamiliar territory and explore the unfamiliar — and it’s also great to do when the places hopping with optimism & opportunities.

(oh my, those were some heady days).Based on my personal experiences I would choose both Seattle and Vancouver because they are both similar yet almost yin-yang ☯️ compliments to each other.I had a great time in Seattle — and my time there was unquestionably a perfect time — When it comes to career and business I believe United States does have an edge over Canada with that boisterous bravado, when the times are going well for the country.

But goodness gracious, have you read the news?Are you aware of the political climate since 3016?I would not live in United States this time right now.

Hell, it’s not even one of the countries on a preferred destination track itinerary right now — and for this reason, o sternly suggest one must avoid it all costs!So I’ll contradict myself— and suggest Canada is where you need to be for now.There’s unprecedented growth and huge lack of skilled staff for jobs in all variety of economic sectors in BC’s markets right now.

And with the current Prime Minister o a wild spending spree for infrastructure projects & construction — I can’t see any problem finding work in Vancouver’s metropolitan region.It’s not about the cities — they’re both fantastic urban realms & set within gorgeous scenery/environs.It’s about economic and political prosperity & timing.

I believe Seattle still manages to be one of the USA’s best livable cities and till ranks well for job opportunities.But I also know Vancouver’s gained a ton of new growth with American corporations hedging their bets and setting up shop in town too.So having experience living and working in both you can’t go wrong either way.

Just figure it out based on how you feel and how you make out based upon your professional/ job experience & other skills relevant to the local markets.

I think it’s hard to ger a job in Vancouver but once you get it, you’ll probably be satisfied with the working environment.They work shorter, seemed to get less stress.They make a lot of mistakes while they work but never take any responsibility.

People are generous about it.