Is it better to relokittene from America to Toronto or Montreal Why

Is it better to relocate from America to Toronto or Montreal Why

For an American, Toronto might be easier to handle.Montreal has the French language issue, and immigration to Quebec has an additional layer when you come in.If you move to Toronto and get a Canadian work permit or PR, you can always move provinces after once you’re eligible to work in Canada.

But Quebec complicates everything with more red tape if you go there straight away.Toronto also has more economic activity and opportunity.

Toronto is a pretty average Americanized city.There are slightly more opportunities and slightly higher wages but cost of living is nearly double in terms of housing, transit, car insurance, etc.Montréal the other hand is a unique jewel.

It is much more difficult to live here your going to have to invest in your French skills the sooner the better.The culture, quality of life.Highway and public transit systems are much more developed for a city of its size.

You’ll waste less time in traffic and less time working for a house closer to the city centre than a comparable one in Toronto.That said if you want the easiest way to be rich toronto is the way to go.

I have lived in both Montreal and Toronto and I believe the primary criteria is language.If you speak French (or want to learn), and want your children educated in French, choose Montreal.If you don’t want to learn French and want your kids educated in English, choose Toronto.

Because businesses are required to operate in French in Quebec, there are more job opportunities in Toronto.