Is it illegal to sell things on the street in Montreal

Is it illegal to sell things on the street in Montreal

It’s illegal to sell without a permit and I believe that they’re *very* restrictive with permits for anything other than food trucks/carts.You’ll need to have your business licenses, tax IDs, order as well.

If you just pop open an suitcase and start selling goods, you will definitely end up fined or worse.If you’re looking to conduct business on the street, just contact your local borough offices and ask them for assistance.There may also be Small Business support in your area that can help to walk you through the legalities.

Street fairs and special events work a bit differently and the organizers will tell you what you need for the particular event.Some don’t even require you to have a business and you can just participate as an individual.(you’ll still be expected to report any income.

Revenue Canada doesn’t like to feel left out.

Yes.The city is eager to sell you a permit or more eager to stop street sellers so the regular permit paying merchants don’t complain.Only recent street vendors are the upscaled traditional food vendors in food trucks.

Even here, the permit was restrictive to a specific location!

My initial answer was no, but then I remembered a lot of tables set downtown to sell hand crafts, farm productions, and other things, specially in summer.

So maybe hand crafts are ok, but you probably need to get an authorization anyway, so you should ask your municipility just to be on the safe side.

If you have a license you can sell things on the street many stores have sidewalk sales in the summer.

If you’re a peddler without a license then I guess it would be illegal please consult a lawyer.

Not with a license.

Get it for your borough here: Permits and by-laws