Is it possible to learn Continental French in Canada

Is it possible to learn Continental French in Canada

Bonjour!In the universities we use “international French”, in fact some of university teachers come from Belgium, France or Middle East.We have an accent, but I have always been able to understand and to talk with people from all over the world.

Personally, I think that if you study in Montreal and at l’Université de Montreal or at the UQAM, you are going to be taught international French.We have a lot of people from almost everywhere in the world (great restaurants too!A lot of variety), so the accent is not as strong as it can be outside Montreal.

Hope this helps, sorry if I made some mistakes, I’m a French speaker.

Courses are in international French.Québec French is merely a “DLC” you add to the main program, to alter what you might have learned with regular courses.It’s important to understand that people in France don’t speak “international French” either.

They do use expressions that are not understood elsewhere.

You mean hexagonal french, right?Quebec is much bigger than France and America is much bigger than Europe.They are not small islands like Voltaire would have liked to think.

It’s possible, but it’s like wanting to learn to speak English with a British accent and trying to do it in New York City.

It can be done, but it won’t be straightforward.

I believe it is because we are taught Français French here in schools, as opposed to what is actually spoken more often in the streets, usually Québécois.Of course the dialect and accent vary from coast to coast.