Is it possible to live in Montreal and study in Sherbrooke What is the easiest way to commute

Is it possible to live in Montreal and study in Sherbrooke What is the easiest way to commute

I work in Sherbrooke.I lived in Montreal for the first 4 months after being hired in my job in Sherbrooke.Forget commuting .

It is 1 hour, 45 minutes from the island of Montreal to Sherbrooke, each way, without traffic and in good weather.From Eastman to Magog, through the fall and winter, weather conditions can be horrible.There is no ready public transportation, other than large buses, and those are expensive.

You need a car, and even with an insanely fuel efficient vehicle, you will be driving almost 1600 km per week.Gas will kill you, even if 4+ hours of commuting per day does not.I rented an apartment in Sherbrooke, and drove home to family on weekends.

Currently, I live almost equidistant between Montreal and Sherbrooke, which contrary to one suggestion, is actually the worst of both worlds, not the best of both worlds.If you are studying in Sherbrooke, going to Universite de Sherbrooke or Bishop’s University, I strongly suggest you simply move to Sherbrooke.It’s a very nice town, with really decent, down to earth people.

Good luck.

Well, everything is possible, but it depends on how much time you are willing to spend every day to go to the place of your studies.It can take over an hour of public transports if you live in the center of Montreal, to reach Sherbrooke.Yes, there are a lot of transport options available, but it sure take quite a lot of time every day, and when you’re studying (I suppose you talk about university here?)

time is really precious.Living too far away can also dissuade you to got to class sometimes, which is not a good idea if you want to succeed in your studies and have good grades.You must also take in consideration that depending on the hour you have to start your day (or finish it and go home), there can be A LOT of people in the transports if it’s rush hour.

When you have a long day of studies behind you, you will be happy to reach home faster if you live closer to your studying place.Yes, living in Montreal is dynamic and a lot of fun, but it’s also expensive and definitely not the best option if you study in Sherbrooke.

Actually, depending on the studies you are planning, Sherbrooke University has a satellite campus in Longueuil on Montreal South Shore.I don’t know whether you could do a full bathcelor degree there, or which fileds are offered there.I would assume at least business… As for communiting from Montreal to Sherbrooke, as mentioned in other responses, forget it: nowadays, with all the road work going on, it,s a 2 hour journey getting there, by car.

By bus, even longer.However, Sherbrooke is a nice place to can find cheaper rent than Montreal, and it has a fairly good public transportaton system.

Both my sister (nursing), brother-in-law (Masters – physics engineering) and my daughter studied there (my daughter did Bishop, which is less than 10km from Sherbrooke).

Sherbrooke is an hour / hour and a half from Montreal, depending where you live on the island.a better idea would be to live on the south shore,this way you avoid the bridge traffic which is horrible.You would definitely need a vehicle.

If it is for studying at the University of Sherbrooke, well, you just have to go to university of Sherbrooke branch in Longueuil, on the south bank of St-Laurent.

It’s right outside Longueuil metro.

Ok, lemme summarize everyone else’s answers: NO!A really bad idea and you will be miserable.