Is McGill a good university to pursue psychology

Is McGill a good university to pursue psychology

I’ve asked around about the pros/cons of attending McGill as a psychology major, particularly graduating students , and there does seem to be a consensus that it isn’t the strongest program at the school for undergraduate students.You are likely to succeed if you are extremely capable of rote memorization, because all of the testing for psychology courses at McGill is almost universally multiple choice – in a 1.5 hour midterm or a 3 hour exam, this can add up to hundreds of complex, specific questions, so you are only likely to succeed if you are a) extremely passionate about the subjects, and b) adept at adsorbing very large amounts of detailed information/data in very short periods of time.Keep in mind, there are other Canadian universities where this is not the style of testing for every psychology course/where there are more options for courses that weight or test on essays/writing more heavily.

Additionally, something people don’t often mention about Psych at McGill is how incredibly competitive course placement is.There are not enough courses for undergrad’s to have options between what they sign up for, as they fill up extremely quickly – ie.within seconds of course sign-ups being available.

If you are considering a psychology major, ensure that you are open and flexible in regards to which courses you take, and what you spend your time studying/the style of professor you get, because you end up with very few options, even in your fourth year.The professors aren’t often as accessible as they are in other departments and tend to be teaching massive lecture halls, so don’t head into this major expecting to make academic connections right off the bat or easily – you’ll have to work for

consistently showing up to office hours.A last note is that some students have said, they recommend it to someone coming from the IB or CEGEP program – that is, someone who is entering as ‘U1’ student at McGill.This means you have more options for psychology courses in your first year since you can declare your major straightaway, and gives you more room for competitive placement into your preferred courses throughout the 4 years.

There are pros to this major as an undergraduate – you get lots of extra-credit opportunities, particularly if you sign up to participate in other students psychology experiments (often an extra 2–3% for about 2 hours of participation – may seem small, but adds up if you’re struggling).I’ve also heard prof’s are more willing to offer extra credit essays, given how much of the material is tested through multiple-choice exams.McGill also has a reputation that attracts lots of incredibly intelligent, renounced teachers and professors, so for the quality of education you’re getting there is pay-off.