Is McGill Law School a good school I want to go work in the USA in corporate law and Im starting this fall

Is McGill Law School a good school I want to go work in the USA in corporate law and Im starting this fall

“Is McGill Law School a good school?I want to go work in the USA in corporate law and I’m starting this fall.” The McGill University Faculty of Law is considered to be one of the finest law schools in the world.It is also located in Canada.

If you plan to practice law in the United States, you should be aware that many US states will not accept a foreign law degree as qualifying the candidate for licensure as an attorney, regardless of how good the law school is.You should check the rules of the state bar in the jurisdiction where you intend to practice before — not after — you invest three or four years in earning this degree, so that you don’t risk getting a nasty surprise after you graduate.The way individual US states treat foreign law degrees varies so much, it’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether a given state will permit you to sit for a bar examination with a Canadian law degree.

Let’s take Illinois as an example, just for fun.In order to be licensed in Illinois with a foreign law degree, you would have to meet all of these requirements: Be licensed to practice in the country where the degree was conferred and/or in a US jurisdiction for a minimum of 5 years;Be in good standing as an attorney in that country or US jurisdiction where admitted;During each of no fewer than 5 of the 7 years immediately prior to making application in Illinois, the lawyer must have verifiably devoted an annual minimum of 1,000 hours to the practice of law; andAchieve a passing score on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination and meet character and fitness standards.Another state worth looking at, since you specifically mentioned corporate law, is Delaware.You should be aware that Delaware does not recognize foreign law degrees at all.

New York, on the other hand, is liberal about permitting graduates of foreign law schools to sit for its bar examination.

In addition to the wise response from Professor Baker, you should be aware that the practice of law for young lawyers has changed immensely.Some suggest that the collapse was a function of the protracted recession triggered in 2008.Most are calling it the “New Normal,” and they are suggesting that demand for legal services has been permanently affected by deprofessionalization of major practice areas previously used to train young lawyers and elimination of practice areas by the Internet.

For whatever reason, becoming a lawyer in the new millennium is more challenging than it has been in living memory, and many — including me (though I believe Professor Baker has written on Quora that she doesn’t agree) — are recommending that you choose a different field of study if you are not admitted to what is now called a T14 (for top 14) law school.McGill is not a US law school and is not a T14.If you are committed to becoming a lawyer in a U.S. state and you do not have a job lined up for your graduation, consider surviving the first year of law school and then transferring to a T14 law school.

Most law schools experience significant class size reduction after first year, and, even if they don’t accept your McGill credits, your application will show your commitment.Your likelihood of becoming a highly paid US corporate lawyer starting the class at McGill is — I’m sorry to say — remote.

It really depends on what you make of your experience.I know plenty of lawyers in the Southern California area that specialize in various fields and I either have a degree from McGill or an equivalent Canadian school.Do yourself a favor and if you haven’t already, get a trial subscription for LinkedIn Premium.

The one with the Sales Navigator.

Is McGill Law School a good school?I want to go work in the USA in corporate law and I’m starting this fall.McGill is world-renown for its law faculty.

A major plus is that it is in downtown Montreal on the side of Mount Royal.