Is McGill University considered a party school Why

Is McGill University considered a party school Why

Is McGill a school that parties?DEFINITELY YES!!There’s a big drinking culture, including events like Faculty Olympics, Science Games, and Carnival where students form teams and compete against each other in drinking competitions, go on apartment crawls, take over entire clubs, and so on.

Montreal has a huge night life scene, both in terms of local bars and world-renowned after hours clubs like Stereo.A lot of McGill students are definitely heavy partiers, often going out multiple nights a week.That being said, I do not consider it a “party school.” In my experience (judging from my friends’ lifestyles at different schools across the US & Canada), a party school is one that parties hard but does not take itself very seriously in terms of academics.

Most McGill students take their academics SUPER seriously.

Uhh not sure if Yannick’s answer is tongue-in-cheek but under the Wikipedia entry for party schools, McGill is listed as one of the only 2 Canadian universities (along with Western) for being ranked as a party school by Playboy.This article provides some more revealing information: McGill’s Top Ten Newsmakers Outside the academic realm, Playboy magazine designated McGill as one of North America’s top party schools.Shortly thereafter, a small troupe of Hugh Hefner’s finest took up temporary quarters in a Montreal hotel suite, where female undergraduates were invited to drop by and have a wardrobe malfunction.

It’s possible that it’s on the list just because it’s in Quebec where the drinking age is 18 and not really enforced.Get 10,000 18-year-olds together, and you’re likely to experience a different kind of party than 10,000 21-year-olds.I went to beer/dance parties every weekend when I went there.

There was a lot of beer and a lot of dancing.

Yeh, hard parties on your desks with 100 papers to write and exams to prepare.Forget this word after you come to McGill, you will have no time to eat and sleep.