Is Montreal a good city to live

Is Montreal a good city to live

Montreal has a lot to offer.It is a safe city.I have never been worried to roam the streets in the middle of the night and I have not felt threatened one single time in the 10 years I have lived there.

The price of renting an apartment is cheap when compared to other big Canadian cities so it gives you the opportunity to live a minimalist lifestyle.One of the things I like most about Montreal is that it is very green: plenty of trees and parks.There is also the magnificent Mount Royal.

It is quite unique since you have this small mountain right next to downtown area.Depending on the time of the year, walking your way to the top seems different every time.Another great thing about the city is that it has great cycling infrastructure.

The city is frequently ranked among the best in the world in that regard.Since I do not own a car, from April to December, I do not pay for transportation.The fact that the city has a French and an English community is very interesting.

It is a good place to learn one or the other.The city is multicultural so it makes it much more vibrant.Obviously Montreal is not perfect.

I personally think that the main downside is having to face four harsh, dark, gray, and cold winter months every year.People tend to stay at home during those months.The city is pretty during Spring and Summer but during Winter it becomes dreary, bleak.

Other than that I would say that there is too much cars roaming the streets which causes noise, pollution and makes it more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.However, I think it is not specific to Montreal and might be the same in other big Canadian cities.

MONTREAL Montreal is the best city to live not only in Canada but in the entire world.Being a vibrant city full of festivals, parties nightlife have tremendous of things to offer to the visitors.Montreal is home to one of the most beautiful and largest churches in the world Notre-Dame basilica and St. Joseph’s Oratory.

Montreal is also the home to the world’s tallest inclined tower/building The MontrĂ©al Olympic tower Montreal is so much famous worldwide for it’s tremendous and best nightlife, parties & festives.It’s the city of lightsđź’ˇNo city in Canada looks more brighter than Montreal from the sky/space at night.Montreal is such a huge city, most prominent and major city of Canada .

But then also Montreal has much cheaper and affordable rents.Montreal and Quebec City are the most beautiful cities in Canada and everyone knows this fact.Montréal is 2nd largest French speaking city after Paris, France in the developed world.

Montreal has both North American and European vibe going and all the montrealers like to party all the day.Montrealers are so kind, gentle, friendly and welcoming to visitors.🇨🇦 Fact.

Did you know who is the mayor of Montreal?Ans.Valérie Plante is the current, 45th and first female mayor of the metropolis Montreal.

Montreal is an awesome plane to live.Of course this is Quebec so, French is spoken primarily but there is a significant number of English speaking Quebecers with English schools as well as many other cultural groups lending to a wide range of languages, values and food.Quality of life – I wouldn’t live anywhere else in Canada.

I have raised my 2 children here and they are well adjusted.They are bilingual and participate in the economy (work) and society like everyone else does.The weather in the summer time (June-Sept) can reach high temperatures of 32 to 35 degrees C and in the winters (Dec-Mar) low as -20 to -25.

So you need a big coat, hat, gloves and boots.Jan and Feb are the harshish months.April- May and the prettiest spring months while Sept-Oct are the beautifully colored fall months with the foliage on the trees changing to magnificent colors.

Maybe about 4 or 5 snow storms of 10–15cms of snow (great for skiing and snow mobiling) and 1 or 2 snow storms of 35–50cms.I hope this helps.

It’s a great city but it’s getting expensive.With the Internet nowadays, you can live outside the city, like I am in a small town like Shawinigan, and do your work on the Internet.People are waking up to this reality.

If you are young and horny, then Montreal is great for night life, movies, shows, food of all origins, good transit…but hey it gets cold in Winter but nowhere is it written that you must live there 12 months per year.Montreal really livens up in Summer with Music Festivals, outdoor Art shows…etc.The interest of Montreal is that it is outside the power centers of New York or Toronto and Montreal often has had a role of Joker , a role of Dissident , and has nurtured more great film makers , singers, poets, politicians than most other places in Canada.

Why is that?It’s its vibrant quality at the crossroads of different merging cultures (French, English, Haitian, Jewish Eastern European, Chinese, Latino, Vietnamese).

Lower Rents In case you’re returning to class or are single and have work, you’ll discover the city has less expensive loft rents.This is particularly evident when looking at numerous other Canadian urban areas.that the normal lease for a one-room condo in midtown Montreal is about $960.

In Ottawa, a similar midtown loft will cost you generally $1,150.In Montreal, you may discover bargains, as well, for example, complimentary housing for the primary month or two.You’ll discover business space leases are lower than in other Canadian and U.S. urban areas, in case you’re beginning a business.

In addition, there’s loads of browse.a Quebec property posting site, noticed there are 80 million square feet of business space in and around Montreal.The city is an extraordinary spot to settle in.

In case you’re pondering purchasing a home, however, things get somewhat more expensive.As per late measurements from the quest for new employment your family needs to make about $78,473 every year to serenely purchase a house in Montreal.The potential gain is that homes are not as costly as they are in some Canadian urban areas, for example, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

Elite Culture Scores of battling specialists are pulled in to the city’s energetic expressions scene and low lease.Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen and Mordecai Richler are only three instances of performers, artists or creators who have called Montreal home.(At any rate, a portion of the time.)

Montreal is a decent spot to interface with socially similarly invested individuals.MOVING MONTREAL with us in here.In addition, the bars don’t close until 3 AM, so there’s continually something happening late around evening time.

The city is liberal to such an extent that it even as of late proposed keeping a few bars open to 6 AM (that proposition, nonetheless, didn’t experience.)The city flaunts whole roads and neighborhoods to cafĂ©s and clubs.A portion of these areas incorporate La Petite-Patrie, Old Montreal, Saint-Henri, Mile-Ex and the Plateau.

You’ll never run out of choices for spots to eat and drink.Brew in the Corner Stores In the event that you feel you’re excessively old for the nightlife, however like brew, Montreal is exceptional from most other Canadian urban communities.You can get lager in corner stores called dĂ©panneurs.

The Montreal Gazette reports that some dépanneurs have kicked things up an indent by having sushi bars, specialty lager rooms and sandwich shops.The drawback is that alcohol, for example, liquor and scotch is harder to acquire.You purchase alcohol at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).

Their stores, notwithstanding, are more scantily situated than the dĂ©panneurs and have odd long periods of activity for certain individuals.In case you’re searching for a specific brand of wine, you may need to call around to various stores to discover it.In any case, nothing beats getting a chilly one on a hot day close to the curve from your home.

Huge loads of Festivals Being a particularly social city, Montreal is home to major and set up celebrations.Consider Montreal and you may quickly think about the Just for Laughs satire celebration.Nonetheless, there is a lot more to take in.

Do you like awfulness and hand to hand fighting movies?At that point, there’s the Fantasia Film Festival.Like jazz music?

At that point, the Montreal International Jazz Festival is for you.Is elective stone more your style?At that point, you unquestionably need to look at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Searching for something to do in January?At that point there’s Igloofest.There’s quite often some sort of celebration going on in Montreal all year.

You can discover more celebrations in this rundown.

There are wonderful things about Montreal.(Now Montreal is NOT spelled with the accent on the ‘e’ in English – I’m not sure how that got there.)The best things:- it’s the best city to walk in – I always enjoyed walking in Montreal, and that’s what I do when I’m visiting.- Mount Royal park – which you can walk up to from downtown.- food – fine dining, smoked meat, souvlaki- the Metro and that there are no streetcars/trams – bicycling – especially along the Lachine CanalThe bad things:- the city is suffering due to being attached to the Province of Quebec – with incalculable damage being incurred from the xenophobic language laws and the ongoing threat of separation- a lot of municipal corruption- the winter is harsh In some ways, Montreal is stuck in a time warp.

Things don’t change much.

I personally don’t think so.The city hasn’t grown or developed in years.Because of the Quebec language laws and blabla, many businesses don’t want to come here.

The economy is going to shit.If you don’t speak french, it is very hard to get a job.The roads are horrible because the road companies and the construction companies are corrupted.

People here are stuck in the past (especially the francophones).Nothing is improving.I am 21, lived here my whole life and hoping to leave soon.

The winter is horrible but that’s Canada for you.

Yes Montréal is a very nice city to live in.It is vibrant and multi-cultural, rich in culture and art.It is a mix of Paris and New York on a smaller scale.

#1 city in Canada.

Great diversity of people, food & culture