Is Montreal good for international students 1

Is Montreal good for international students 1

I think we are welcoming, and having nice value overall.We have a nice nightlife, and daylife.I feel that if you wish to really see montreal, you should go at UDM or take a french course at McGill or whatever university you fancy.

Montreal is billingual, but mainly it is the french capital(in term of population in number, Québec City is the official capital) of the french province of quebec.That is what differenciate us from let say Toronto.If you come to study in montreal and come back home without having dabbled with the frenche language and poeple.

Depends on the student of course.Montreal is a great social city.It would make no sense to go there if you’re the kind of student who just goes to class, the library and home.

If you are outgoing then Montreal can be perfect.You will meet people from all over the world and, if you’re American you will learn things you will probably never encounter in most US universities – like all the brilliant critical theorists and contemporary European and international philosophers.Housing is relatively cheap as are restaurants.

You also need to find a way to enjoy winter.

I think so because there are plenty at McGill, Universitée de Montréal, Universitée de Sherbrooke’s Montreal (south shore) campus and Concordia.However I am not aware of the numbers for Universitée du Québec à Montréal.I am also not aware of the specific criterias and formalities, but there are plenty.

That being said, I don’t know if we compare with any other North American city, but it seems we have a lot, so it must be interesting.

As long as you get admission, pay less fee, and eligible for work permit after completion of your degree, there is no difference in any other city or province.

All, Provinces and territories, areas of Canada are great, and offer some ease to newcomers.

I would contact this group with your questions McGill International Student Network

Yes , McGill University in Montreal , is International university , with hundreds of international students.