Is Montreal likely to be submerged in water in 2100

Is Montreal likely to be submerged in water in 2100

No or, if does, will be from human error.If you’re referring to the current St. Lawrence River water levels and flooding, that’s human incompetence by the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board that controls the Cornwall-Massena dam.The Board is biased in favour of commercial vessel traffic and dams up Lake Ontario and therefore all inflowing watersheds to reduce river current strength to make navigation as easy as possible for the salties.

But this happens in the thick of Spring runoff.Right as this Board should be draining Lake Ontario into the Atlantic and fine-tuning water levels for Summer, they shut the gates, forcing Montrealers and Toronto Island residents to break out the sandbags, destroy docks and boathouses in Ontario cottage country.But Montreal is east of the Cornwall dam, one says.

Yes it is.And it’s being flooded because the Board is dumping excess Lake Ontario water Montreal’s way that it should’ve drained back in the Fall.It’s water level by committee.

No because it would be too soon (the 22nd century is not so far ahead), but give it many more centuries, and it will look like this.Using the Global Sea Level Rise map (not a perfect prediction, because it cannot factor everything) : In fact, it’s only natural.The Saint Lawrence river used to be an actual sea with the size of the Mediterranean Sea.

Geologists call it the Champlain Sea.It was the water from the former glaciers that melted, and the land was not done going back up, because it was pressured for so long by the glaciers.

Well, Montreal is an island, and there is water all around, and, indeed, some low lying outer areas along the river see some minor flooding in the spring, particularly basements, but, no.I believe the river at Montreal is 20 meters above sea level and 250 km above the start of tidal influence at Quebec City.The two rivers flowing into the Montreal area, the Ottawa River and St. Lawrence Rivers, flow from the Laurentians and Lake Ontario respectively.

I don’t believe climate change is expected to raise water levels from either of these sources enough to raise the Saint-Lawrence and Ottawa River tens of meters.And there is the small matter of a mountain in the middle of the island.