Is social life at Simon Fraser University that dreadful

Is social life at Simon Fraser University that dreadful

The main problem with the universities in Vancouver is that they are so far apart, like a two hour bus ride if traffic is ok.Neither is in the city itself (except each has a small city campus for a very small percentage of classes).This is in stark contrast with many big cities which have their universities often within walking distance and within the city.

Having multiple university close together defines an area of the city as the student campus.If you go to bars in that area, you’ll likely meets students from any of the universities.There is a greater social cohesion and intellectual exchange.

The ideas of both SFU and UBC were to put them outside the city, so they feel much like entering a monastery.They are meant to make you feel isolated with the hope that it helps you better concentrate on your studies, instead of socializing.The architect of SFU, Arthur Erickson, took it one step further.

The wide halls of the quad and large ceilings, in plain cold undecorated cement, are meant to make you feel small and intimidated in the presence of the larger solid structure of academia.The plants within the structure are all contained within square cement structures, a further demonstration of the power of knowledge over nature.It’s not meant to make you feel comfortable.

You take a long journey up the hill, go to class, study in the library, and take the long journey back down again.The other major building Erickson designed in Vancouver was the courthouse downtown.If you visit both, you will see many similarities.

The smallness of the individual is an uncomfortably subject of the power of the institution, a power which can contain even nature.Both the designs and locations of Vancouver’s universities make them some of the least suitable places to study if you want the social intellectual exchange normally associated with your university experience.

Well I think a lot of the people try too hard to find a social life which fits their style and limited the possibility to reach out a different social bubble.There are many clubs but lots of them are cultural oriented.And this might be one of the reason that stops some people joining some of the clubs.

When I was helping out the table for Japanese club , people kept asking me if is okay for them to join the club if they are not Japanese.So I answered, I am not Japanese either but why can’t I learn something new from others culture?I met many amazing people at SFU.

I have never had an issue with social interaction at SFU.I was there, actively, for 11 years.I studied there, I worked there, I had friends who studied and worked there.

But then again, I like beer.I went to the pub lots; I volunteered for all sorts of research; I participated.I met my now wife there.